10 Best Animated Movies That Deserve a Sequels
10 Best Animated Movies That Deserve a Sequels

10 Best Animated Movies That Deserve a Sequels

In an age where sequels are all over as well as are several studios’ major bread and butter, often the selections on what gets a sequel and also what does not come down to popularity, ticket office results, and general fond memories. And also while this is all great as well as fine, it implies numerous animated films obtain shed in the dirt and also failed to remember even if they have lots of capacity for future installations.

This isn’t to claim that these will ever obtain sequels – many of them likely won’t – however the globe will be a bit much more insufficient if they really did not. In fact, many of these appear like such an apparent concept for future films that it’s an enigma why workshops didn’t green-light these years back.

Huge Hero 6 (2014 )

The very first movie from Disney Animation to include characters from Marvel, Big Hero 6 is practically absolutely nothing like its comic counterpart, as well as primarily its own point but is a great movie in its very own right. It follows a conventional superhero origin with a more psychologically billed spin, and the main relationship between Hiro as well as his robotic Baymax actually sells the story.

While the film has actually branched right into television quite efficiently with a three season computer animated show as well as an approaching Baymax solo collection on Disney+, no theatrical follow up exists yet in spite of numerous personnel having expressed interest in doing it. With the beginning out of the way, a follow up could offer a more dyanmic, enthusiastic superhero tale, and also dive much more right into the unique globe of San Fransokyo.

Incredibles 2 (2018 )

Pixar is no stranger to follows up, and they are the masters at providing flicks unexpectedly terrific follows up that broaden the world and also scope of their initial films in excellent means. Nobody could have forecasted Finding Dory, Monsters University, or any one of the Toy Story movies to be as good as they were, but when it involves Incredibles, the one franchise business that seems ripe for prospective, they seem to drag their feet a lot of the moment.

It makes feeling in context. As the proposal of Brad Bird, who isn’t usually part of the company, it’s likely that a follow up without him would not be the Incredibles we love. That being said, Brad Bird need to definitely return for a third installation, simply to finish the trilogy. Perhaps reveal the kids grown up and also ending up being supers in their very own?

Inside Out (2015 )

One of Pixar’s largest hits of the past decade, Inside Out is a basic story wrapped up in an inventive property – suppose our feelings were manifested? The potential is essentially limitless and also Pixar made use of that opportunity to inform a mentally billed tale regarding a girl moving to a brand-new city and also the struggles that include it.

And while the film ends on a note of complete satisfaction with its narrative, moreso than any other movie they’ve done you can’t question however assist what follows. Seeing more of the life of Riley from the viewpoint of her emotions sounds like a wonderful suggestion, as well as it could dive into more psychological ideas that the filmmakers really did not have sufficient time to talk about.

Martial Art Panda 3 (2016 )

One of DreamWorks’ marquee franchise business, Kung Fu Panda has a complete trilogy to it’s name as well as yet still really feels somewhat incomplete. The tale of Po, the Dragon Warrior, and also the adversaries he deals with is involving, enjoyable, yet also smartly written in such a way it can be enjoyed by youngsters and adults in equal procedure.

Because the collection was initially developed as a six-part legendary, it just makes sense that they maintain to that task and really continue the tale. Kung Fu Panda 3 ends with Po in a new position as a leader, which can bring and also influence future stories on larger and also larger risks.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (2010 )

While some target markets know this simply as “that one owl film Zack Snyder did”, Legend of the Guardians is in fact an adjustment of a preferred book series that complies with a group of owls as well as their fights versus the forces of wickedness. As a long-running publication series with countless installations, one would certainly believe that a sequel to the initial movie would certainly have been made already.

Yet it’s been 12 years given that Legend of the Guardians enhanced our screens, and also while Zack Snyder has proceeded to bigger things ever since, a follow up is no place to be seen. The original movie’s visual elegance and ambitiously darker tone made it an unique film among the glut of animated movies, as well as is entitled to a second opportunity to really get prominent.

ParaNorman (2012 )

While Laika often tends to make terrific standalone films, their 2nd movie ParaNorman – which follows a young child with the capability to see ghosts – could be the one most looking for a follow-up. And how could it not? The very first movie gave ParaNorman some excellent worldbuilding as well as lore to deal with, as well as it’s ripe for more capacity.

However also beyond that it’s the personalities that deserve seeing once more. This is such an amusing, appealing cast that it would be a crime to never ever see them again, specifically given that most of them still have arcs that could go beyond what we see in the movie.

Raya and the Last Dragon (2021 )

With its focus to detail, Raya and the Last Dragon should have some type of follow-up in any kind of layout. The land of Kumandra is a fantastic world in general with tons of lore as well as backstory, as well as it would certainly be an embarassment to waste all of it on a solitary film.

As well as while the actual film ends as if feels like a definitive final thought, exploring more of the world and the various other continents is alone worth the price of making it. Perhaps Raya as well as Namaari can go and check out the globe now that it’s secure again?

Sausage Party (2016 )

Its x-rated humor is certainly except everyone, yet Sausage Party is amusing and weird sufficient that it deserves your interest. The tale of sentient food discovering their ultimate destiny and attempting their ideal to escape it is as repulsive as well as horrible as they come, but also a clever and also pungent consider religion and the effects it has on individuals.

The movie finishes with the effects that the food characters have discovered that they themselves are simply characters in a computer animated movie, so they take a trip to the human globe to … do something. Seeing that play out in an online action/animated sequel would be hilarious, and likewise on brand for Seth Rogen as well as Evan Goldberg that tend to such as crafting unusual stories like this one.

The Adventures of Tintin (2011 )

Only Steven Spielberg, with his numerous journey stories and also blockbusters to his name, can have supplied a movie The Adventures of Tintin the means it was indicated to be seen. The motion-capture film was an extreme separation from other animated films at the time, yet it stayed with the core of its source material and also was a blast of a time with brilliant setpieces.

It additionally it was likewise a collaboration with Peter Jackson, who agreed to guide a follow up if the first film achieved success enough which would then introduce a 3rd movie with Jackson and Spielberg as co-directors. And while the film was a financial and vital hit, the follow up has actually stalled in advancement heck. This is a pity too, as the serial nature of Tintin stories would produce a terrific series of experiences movies.


Among Disney’s larger hits of the past couple of years, Zootopia’s one-of-a-kind depiction of suburbia by way of anthropomorphic animals captured the imaginations of kids and also grownups alike. It’s discourse of race and prejudice is a lot more pertinent the additionally we head right into the 2020s also, making use of these animals as a means to comment on systemic racism in culture that show the systems in place that enable discrimination to fester.

In spite of its popularity though, there hasn’t been a follow-up, which is weird thinking about that this is one of minority Disney computer animated movies to actually ask for one. An animated show on Disney+ is appearing this year, but a full on sequel is precisely what would be best for this globe – seeing even more of Judy and also Nick is the objective here.

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