2.0 Tamil Movie Review, Storyline, Message and Analysis

2.0 Tamil Movie Review, Storyline, Message and Analysis

There is a particular pattern that Director Shankar follows in his movies. And the 2.0 Tamil movie is no different. The movie circulates around Dr. Vaseegaran and his inventions Nila, Chitti, 2.0 and of course, Pakshirajan.

When you watch the movie, you will understand that it reflects the new age threat about mobile phones. But what’s more? Well, ahead, and we will give you a brief idea about the storyline of 2.0.

Storyline of 2.0 Tamil Movie

The movie begins with Akshay Kumar hanging himself using a rope from a mobile tower. Then slowly and gradually all the mobile phones from the city begin to disappear.

Many mobile company owners begin to lose their lives. Moreover, people are losing their phones and wondering how the mystery is taking place.

And to solve this mystery, Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajnikanth) sends his most reliable robot Chitti to kill Pakshiranjan. Wondering who that is? Well, that is Akshay Kumar, who possesses supernatural powers. He is a big eagle in the movie, where his wings are made with the disappearing mobile phones.

However, Chitti (Rajnikanth), the robot of Dr. Vaseegaran, cannot kill or destroy Pakshiranjan. So, then the scientist, Dr. Vaseegaran, produces the 2.0 robots. These robots together can destroy the large bird and save the people of Chennai.

The message of 2.0 Movie

The movie conveys a message to the viewers that networks and mobile phones threaten lives. We have become so dependent on these things that we cannot live a moment with our gadgets.

And these are not only possessing a threat to our lives but also the environment. Moreover, it is also leading to the extinction of birds and is the starting point of human race extinction as well.

Review of 2.0 Tamil Movie

The entire film is an example of grandeur. Each scene shows that how the South Indian movie makers come up with great and unique ideas.

The movie is a 3D version and gives its viewers the perfect experience. However, there are a few places that have errors and continuity issues.

The presence of Rajnikanth in the movie makes all the difference. All the Rajni fans will go crazy with his presence. He shows his depth in acting and charisma in the film keeps the charm of the movie. Both his characters – Dr. Varseegaran and Chitti, are played marvelously.

Akshay Kumar playing the role of the bird/villain of the movie, does a marvelous job too. He shows depth in all his movies, and this one is no exception.

You can say that the movie has more sci-fi with a history storyline than a complete commercial movie. One more thing that disappoints us is there is no concrete solution to the problem that is pinpointed.

However, the presence of Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar with the fantastic 3D effects is spectacular. However, if you have a close look, the storyline becomes quite predictable after the intermission.

Final Thoughts

2.0 is a complete entertainer package if you’re looking for a movie to sit back and have fun. Even though the movie does not have a proper solution to the problem it pinpoints, but it does share a grave message that is important to consider.

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