20 Best Popular Characters in Anime History
20 Best Popular Characters in Anime History

20 Best Popular Characters in Anime History

It’s difficult to admit, yet judging an anime isn’t always regarding the high quality of the writing or animation. More often than not, fans take part in a popularity contest to choose which characters are the best. Fascinating, properly designed characters specify anime. Some flawlessly manifest the most effective parts of the series, while others are masters of stealing the limelight.

In the spirit of a popularity contest, MyAnimeList is a fantastic way to determine which characters fans choose at any given time. It’s a dependable means to eliminate all the extra noise as well as establish which characters are the “coolest of the cool.”

Similar to any other market, the anime world has an affordable ambience whose landscape is continuously shifting. And while the studios might complete for a share of their audience, anime characters themselves also indirectly complete for interest, with the faces of the industry continuously altering within the fans’ eyes. Thus, this list will be including a few even more faces that have actually increased amongst the anime rankings, as well as changing for brand-new positions and also ballots within MyAnimeList.

Because this checklist was last upgraded in 2020, we’ve upgraded it with new entries and repositioned some of the positions to show the ballots on MyAnimeList. While fan favorites like Naruto’s Kakashi Hatake as well as Jujutsu Kaisen’s Satoru Gojo came close to breaking the leading 20, classic fan faves have kept their stronghold on the chart.

Rapid Eye Movement Earned 43,635 Favorites (Re: Zero).

Rapid eye movement from Re: Zero is among the main characters in the collection. Rem is just one of the most devoted characters in the collection as well as followers really value it. According to the ballots, these top qualities make her among the most popular anime characters of perpetuity.

Generally, Rem is a fantastic sister to Ram as well as her commitment to Subaru is remarkable. Rapid eye movement is willing to step up and also defend either of them, no matter what it takes. While she isn’t the toughest fighter around, there’s no refuting Rem’s mental durability.

Saitama Earned 43,669 Favorites (One-Punch Man).

Saitama is the cherished lead character of One-Punch Man. He’s one of the most powerful being to have actually ever existed in its world. Initially, he simply ended up being a hero to enjoy. Saitama ultimately recognized he wanted to be recognized as well as respected as a real hero.

Because Saitama is so subdued, no adversary absolutely daunts him. Sadly, he’s ended up being jaded to heroism since nobody can stand on the very same level as he does. Alas, Saitama wanders about, praying for a strong opponent, so he can really feel to life once again.

Ken Kaneki Earned 46,528 Favorites (Tokyo Ghoul).

One of one of the most famous anime characters of perpetuity is none besides Tokyo Ghoul’s Ken Kaneki. The one-eyed evil spirit’s story is absolutely a tragedy, yet followers admire him for a number of reasons. Lots of consider Kaneki among the most effective anime protagonists of perpetuity.

Ken Kaneki is a man of lots of layers, as well as just as several problems. Kaneki’s journey in Tokyo Ghoul is one of suffering, discomfort, as well as a terrible, horrible reality. The collection depicts a consistent tug-of-war between Kaneki’s evil spirit side fighting against his humanity.

Hachiman Hikigaya Earned 49,166 (OreGairu).

Hachiman Hikigaya is the protagonist of My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, usually abbreviated as OreGairu. He starts as the typical nihilistic loner that doesn’t wish to relate to others. This actions results from a number of bad experiences that left a poor taste in his mouth.

OreGairu’s edgy teenager ultimately verifies he has a soft side. Hachiman is a real tsundere who seems to press others away to conceal his self-loathing. Followers locate him relatable since, unlike other protagonists, it feels like Hachiman can’t simply make use of the power of relationship and also optimism to compel life to go his method.

Mikasa Ackerman Earned 51,601 Favorites (Attack On Titan).

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan rapidly ended up being a fan-favorite personality. She Has and’s the supreme badass confirmed her strengths as a competitor several times throughout the series. By the end of the manga, it’s secure to claim Mikasa was the most effective soldier in the Survey Corps.

Mikasa’s admiration for Eren is genuine and numerous fans value their connection. Furthermore, Mikasa’s backstory is among the most tragic in the series and also lots of followers respect her psychological resilience– regardless of every little thing she’s endured as well as suffered with.

Itachi Uchiha Earned 58,466 Favorites (Naruto).

Itachi is just one of the most effective characters in the entire Naruto series. The story of the Uchiha clan is one of one of the most pivotal in the whole collection. Eventually, Itachi put his life on the line as well as claimed to be a villain to conserve Sasuke. In numerous ways, Itachi was truth definition of a shinobi. Not only that, but he’s the excellent antihero. Itachi is one of Naruto’s most well-written, complicated characters, so it’s no doubt why he’s one of the most prominent across anime in its entirety.

Eren Yeager Earned 69,663 Favorites (Attack On Titan).

Eren is the protagonist of Attack On Titan. He began as a relatively typical shonen lead character: short-fused, spontaneous, as well as always prepared for a fight.

At this moment, it’s fair to question if Eren might absolutely be considered a hero because of his activities. Fans value that he’s a well-written, intricate protagonist that wandered off from the norms of his counterparts.

Kurisu Makise Earned 60,346 Favorites (Steins; Gate).

For a number of factors, Steins; Gate was just one of the most influential as well as pivotal anime of its time. However, one character swiped the limelight from the remainder. As the ultimate tsundere, Kurisu Makise garnered great deals of love as well as focus from fans.

Kurisu hesitantly coordinated with Rintaro and became his partner in crime– for far better or even worse. Although she comes off as cool, Kurisu’s sweet side is endearing, and it sets her in addition to the rest of the actors. As the series progressed, followers became much more concerned about her destiny.

Intestines Earned 63,911 Favorites (Berserk).

Guts is the protagonist of Berserk. He’s the supreme terrible hero, as well as he’s become the poster boy for dark fantasy anime. Guts is just one of the most well-written protagonists of all time and among the most unique in the medium.

Guts’ life was specified by a series of traumatic occasions, but he’s undertaken remarkable personality growth. Guts discovered exactly how to pass the discomfort of betrayal as well as youth trauma. Much from a one-dimensional character, Guts fit lots of tropes associated with both shonen as well as seinen protagonists.

Gintoki Earned 67,672 Favorites (Gintama).

Sakata Gintoki is among the most charming anime characters of perpetuity. As the lead character of Gintama, Gintoki is the supreme class clown. He’s the king of anime comedy– truly gaining the crown with his unique sense of humor and also steadfast negligence that’s nearly remarkable.

Known as the “White Demon,” Gintoki ended up being a cutting edge during the Edo period. When the audience meets him, he takes up any “odd job” he can find to make ends meet. Gintoki is equivalent parts simple, absurd, and badass.

Naruto Uzumaki Earned 76,317 Favorites.

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the original “big-three” shonen heroes. Naruto put in the hard work to become the person he is today.

From training with perverted sage Jiraiya to eliminating against his childhood frenemy Sasuke, Naruto has actually experienced all of it. The top Knucklehead Ninja won the hearts of fans everywhere, so it’s no doubt why he’s one of the most preferred anime characters of perpetuity.

Edward Elric Earned 82,119 Favorites (Fullmetal Alchemist).

Fullmetal Alchemist is extensively considered as among the best shonen titles of all time. Edward Elric led the program as well as became memorable for his gritty, enthusiastic perspective about every little thing. He’s a real underdog that never ever surrendered, whatever life tossed at him.

After an experiment went terribly wrong, Edward lost an arm as well as his bro’s spirit got caught in a mecha match. Afterwards, Edward took the audience on a sensational journey. Edward offered anime fans the journey they were frantically looking for.

Killua Zoldyck Earned 86,322 Favorites (Hunter X Hunter).

Despite the fact that Gon is the protagonist, Killua really stole the show in Hunter X Hunter and had rich personality growth. In spite of coming from a family of assassins, Killua resisted assumptions by displaying healthy psychological development– both as a young boy and a shonen personality. He needed to discover just how to comprehend and appreciate friendship.

Additionally, Killua had to learn the actual worth of human life. In the Hunter Exam arc, he had no agitations about killing people. By the end of the story, Killua understood the weight of taking someone else’s life. Killua has a charming, unforgettable personality, and also fans love him for it.

Rintaro Okabe Earned 87,347 Favorites (Steins; Gate).

Rintaro is the eccentric lead character of Steins; Gate. He’s the ultimate mad researcher, and also he leads the Future Gadget Research Establishment. His habits is strange and over the top, but fans consider his antics part of his appeal.

Rintaro likes playing pretend as an unique agent as well as reveals paranoia concerning an “Organization” that’s out to get him. Among his weird habits is that he suches as talking with himself on the phone and also relatively giggles hysterically at nothing. Although these tendencies are certainly peculiar, fans commend the intrigue surrounding Rintato’s character and also appreciate his genuineness.

Light Yagami Earned 87,595 Favorites (Death Note).

Light Yagami is the protagonist of Death Note. After assigning himself as the “God of the New World,” Light watched himself as the ultimate moderator of justice with his note pad and also pen. While he began killing offenders, Light came under chaos as well as at some point started killing off any person who entered his method.

Light tackled the identification “Kira,” and ended up being a mass killer in the name of saving the globe. He wanted to produce a globe that flawlessly matched his suitables. Light isn’t implied to be nice, however he’s remarkable to examine and is an undoubtedly well-written character.

Zoro Earned 91,457 Favorites (One Piece).

Zoro from One Piece is one of one of the most precious characters in the collection. He shows sustaining second-in-commands and characters can end up being fan favorites. Zoro was the very first crewmate in the Straw Hats. Initially, he came off as the average loudmouth that believed a show of strength was every little thing. Nevertheless, Zoro quickly learned he had not been the best because he had one of the most swords.

Zoro’s journey to becoming a master swordsman is admirable. Zoro is no longer the hotheaded brute fans met at the beginning.

Luffy Earned 117,166 Favorites (One Piece).

Luffy is widely regarded as the leader of Shonen Jump’s “large three.” He’s the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and the cherished protagonist of One Piece. He came from simple beginnings and eventually looked for to come to be the Pirate King.

Luffy has a memorable character and a lot of charisma to walk around. He’s made followers laugh, cry, and gaze in awe as he accomplishes these abstruse accomplishments. It’s simply tough to dislike Luffy, as well as also harder to ignore any one of his accomplishments throughout the collection.

L Lawliet Earned 117,735 Favorites (Death Note).

L Lawliet is among the most identifiable anime characters of all time. He has plenty of nice high qualities that set him aside from the remainder of the Death Note cast. L is dazzling, however he absolutely has his share of odd tendencies such as his craving for sweets as well as well known resting position.

L is bordered by intrigue, so there’s no doubt why he’s one of one of the most popular anime characters of all time. Fatality Note is enthralling sufficient, however the addition of L to its cast genuinely sealed it as a traditional. L’s social ineptitude as well as mystical aura enabled him to see directly through Light’s facade. With his deductive reasoning, L verified himself an impressive investigator.

Levi Ackerman Earned 129, 382 Favorites (Attack On Titan).

Levi Ackerman is widely thought about among the best shonen heroes of perpetuity. He’s mankind’s best soldier, as well as the Captain of the Scouting Legion as well as the Special Operations Squad. Since his debut, Levi has won the hearts of fans across the globe with his completely dry funny bone, clean-freak habits, and also overall badassery.

Other than being an amazing leader, Levi’s fighting abilities are undoubtedly nothing to discount. A few of Attack On Titan’s most pivotal moments include Levi combating Titans and enemy soldiers.

Lelouch Lamperouge Earned 153,744 Favorites (Code Geass).

Lelouch Lamperouge is the lead character of Code Geass. He’s one of the most intricate characters in the tool, and also his tale is similarly engaging. Lelouch was a royal prince and also in line for the throne. Lelouch renounced his status after his mother was assassinated and his sister severely injured. He testified retaliate his member of the family after discovering C.C. as well as getting the power of the Geass.

Lelouch ended up being the leader of the Order of the Black Knights and also ultimately freaked with power. He betrayed his buddies and also killed hundreds of innocents on his journey for revenge. At some time, Lelouch lost sight of his initial objective.

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