7 Best Hero Forge Alternative In 2021 (Free & Paid)

7 Best Hero Forge Alternative In 2021 (Free & Paid)

The moment anybody thinks of animation creation, one word that pops up on his mind is ‘Hero Forge.’ The vast range of customization provided by it makes it so unique. We can easily escape from paying for this by opting for a cheaper or free Hero Forge Alternative.

To help you choose the Best Hero Forge Alternative in 2021, we have listed some fantastic software that will cover all the useful aspects of 3D painting and animation designing and save you from drowning in the sea of expenditure. Besides the alternatives, we have answered some relevant queries to our subject, “Hero Forge Alternative.”

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7 Best Hero Forge Alternative In 2021 | (Review Included)

Hero Forge is a software that enables you to build up animated characters virtually. Though there are many other software in the market, the dignity and class that Hero Forge has are still unbeatable.

But then, the question arises, why Hero Forge Alternative? The concept is very clear, Hero forge does not compromise with its quality, so this becomes very obvious that it won’t compromise with the charges too. Therefore, people who are reluctant to spend money on programs are looking for some better Hero Forge alternatives —- which we have stated below.

Desktop Hero (Best Hero Forge Alternative)

If you are the one who is looking for a substitute for Hero Forge without compromising the quality, Desktop Hero is something you have been looking for. This is one of the best software in the market that allows you to create the minutest details of your character in the best possible way.

With a wide range of super-effective features, you can get on a long ride with your creativity in this software. And here comes the best part, it is going to cost you way less than Hero Forge. These were the appealing factors that can easily convince you to go for Desktop Hero. You can also share your impressive work on various social media networks to get the appreciation from this world you have always deserved.

Legend Mini Maker

With a hub of top-quality features and one of the best user-friendly interfaces, Legend Mini Maker is a software that can act as an ideal alternative for Hero Forge, which you definitely won’t like to miss. With the help of these features, you can bring out all the characters you have always imagined in the virtual world. 

With a gargantuan range of choices, you can work on every particular of your characters to provide a lively effect to them and ultimately lead to perfection. With a package of a great range of features and quite less amount, Legend mini maker is a must use a substitute for Hero Forge.

Eldritch Foundry 

A number of software provide various types of features for animation today, but something everyone is craving is Customization. Eldritch Foundry is a software that is pretty well known for its Customization, which can help you give the best finishing touch to the 3D character you create on this software. 

You can definitely not ignore all the other features added to it, which help this to maintain its aura in the world of animation. Another factor that attracts all the creators to it is the huge range of default designs that not just save you plenty of time but are also so eye-catching. These are the reasons which can be surely considered to call it as one of the best Hero Forge Alternatives in the market.

The moment you choose Eldritch Foundry, you make sure that you have saved a lot of pennies for yourself. Once you are done with bringing out all your creativity on your desktop screen, you can share your work on a number of social media platforms, which will ultimately help you increase quite a great reach in your field. 


Created through the help of JAVA, PCGEN is character creation software that can be your first choice if you are the one looking for an alternative for Hero Forge that is absolutely free. There are a number of factors that can convince you to go for PC GEN, but the one that will persuade you is its user-friendly interface. 

Another factor that is going to drive you to opt for PC GEN is its bug-free interface, which will ultimately improve your functionality without any unexpected interruptions and errors. Apart from these two, PCGEN contains a great choice of features to build your dream gaming character, even faster than all the other alternatives in the market.


Anvl.co is another go-to alternative to Hero Forge that offers an enchanting user interface with some awesome features. The best part about this animation creator software is that you don’t actually need to struggle with it. What genuinely matters is your creativity, and Anvl.co will act as an assistant to you whose task will be to help you out in creating the character you have printed in your mind in a very satisfying manner.

The software provides you with a very large collection of pre-set designs for various details of your character. Be it the hairstyles of the dresses, be it the weapons or the shoes, you will get something for everything in this software, making it worth trying.


Another alternative to Hero Forge, which you can give a go-to is Cults. Cults has a very easy, simple and robust user interface, which allows its users a free flow of work. It is designed considering the array of types of users. It also contains a variety of over 65000 designs and hundreds of designs are added every month, which is not very common for other websites on the list. If someone wants to search between models of different niches, it’s just a few clicks and a search away. It contains both free and paid models.

Thingiverse (Best Free Hero Forge Alternative)

When you go on to explore all the alternatives for Hero Forge, Thingiverse is something you are never going to miss. The software assists you to create 3D characters that can also be customized within. Though the factor can not be ignored that this is not as rich as other alternatives in the market, there are still various factors that allow Thingiverse to make its way into the list.

One of the most attractive features of all is, being totally free. Yes, it will offer you all the basic features, without charging you anything. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily bring out your ideas and create all the animated characters you have always wanted to. 

FAQs | Hero Forge Alternative 

Can I get some alternatives for Hero Forge?

Definitely yes, there are a number of Hero Forge alternatives out in the market which you can opt for according to your requirements.

Are there any Hero Forge Alternatives for free?

Yes, there are many other software that allows you to create animated characters for absolutely free. You can refer to the list above that has some of the best free alternatives to Hero Forge. 

How much does a Hero Forge figure cost? 

The basic format is plastic nylon and most figures will run you $14.99. There is also a premium plastic, where the figures rise to $29.99, steel at $34.99, and bronze at $99.99.

What Is the Quality of Hero Forge outcome?

Well, if you talk about the digital outcome, it depends upon the design and the colors you use,  but when it comes to the physical outcome, it totally depends on the quality of material you use. 

Closure | Hero Forge Alternative

The above mentioned were our top 7 picks for the best alternatives for Hero Forge. These are the best in class online design applications. However, nothing comes without flaws and drawbacks. They do come with drawbacks and it is totally up to you as to what application suits you best. 

At the end of the day, they are mere alternatives to the Hero Forge and not the same. Since they are alternatives, it is very obvious that they will lack certain functions or features present in the Hero Forge but can also consist of some additional features. Each one of the mentioned Hero Forge Alternative has similarities and differences in some aspects. But the most common thing you will find in all of them is the provision of sharing your design ideas using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

If you are a miniature designer, then you can make use of any of the platforms mentioned above. We hope that our suggestions help you in some way. Now it’s your time to choose your application and get started with your work.

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