8 Aniwatch Alternatives to Kill Your Anime Needs! (Sites Like Aniwatch)

8 Aniwatch Alternatives to Kill Your Anime Needs! (Sites Like Aniwatch)

Sites like Aniwatch are hard to find but we have listed some working alternatives to Aniwatch for you.

“You can’t always hold on to the things that are important. By letting them go, we gain something else”. Any true Otaku would know what these lines by Kunio Yaobi represent. The anime sequence- Tamao Market can’t ever be overlooked. However, with the closing of Aniwatch, the community suffered a setback. It is as disheartening as losing a best friend. And while we remorse, we forget that life still goes on. And, so we are here for the community with this article on – 8 Working Aniwatch Alternative. 

Some things can never be replaced, but if our arduous pose restricts us from at least giving other things a chance. Would any Jedi appear to evolve us from the grief? In fact, there are multiple if we look around. Although our love for the atmosphere that Aniwatch delivered is noncomparable. However, there are sites that are good and might aid us out while we wait for Aniwatch to resume their services. 

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8 Aniwatch Alternatives to Kill Your Anime Needs! (Sites Like Aniwatch)

Aniwatch is the most absolute website to gather and organize anime. Aniwatch.me offers users not only high-quality content, but it goes without saying that their servers were an amazing hotspot. With the vast ocean of anime series and movies, Aniwatch’s library was a go-to for any baka who chooses to spend the night dreaming on the screen. It’s only apparent why Aniwatch was the first choice of anyone who loves anime. It was free to watch and without ads. But, somehow, all the services suffered a problem, and they had to shut down their services. Learn more about what happened and what everyone is saying about Aniwatch going live again. Muster along.  

Aniwatch.me Down? Why Is Aniwatch Not Live Anymore? 

Earlier, the site was not even showing up, but the recent update is that at least the site can be opened. Nonetheless, there is no information on when we might be able to watch on Aniwatch again. The website seems to tell us that there are a few reasons why they are not able to broadcast at all. The reasons mentioned by Aniwatch.me are:

  • Aniwatch is having monetary issues, and it isn’t able to keep up with the financial burden that comes onto the site. You must know that the website never showed any ads or any sort of banner Adsense, It was a pure destination, and it was all about user satisfaction. We miss it. 
  • Their servers are full, and they had already stopped the registrations back in January 2021. So, clearly, Aniwatch was suffering from server outages as the load on the site must have been getting out of hand. It is only evident from the traffic they have to deal with as of 2021- Aniwatch me reached an audience of 12.9 million a day. 

When Is Aniwatch Me Coming Live Again? | Aniwatch me News

As of now, the website owners have only hinted out to us that their services might resume very soon.

And as the website says- ‘Aniwatch’s closure is not a definite decision. Our staff needs some time to figure things out. However, while we figure things out, we can no longer be there for you.’

So, we ask our readers to not lose the hope of sight. As it is a big organization and carries global support. And it is likely to soon resume all of the services. And well, in the meantime, you can catch up on your favorite anime. Look at the list we made to find your suitable platform.

How Can I Retrieve My Anime List from Aniwatch? 

We all have our precious, handpicked, and peculiar lists of all our favorite shows trapped inside the servers of Animewatch.me, indeed. All the hard work we put into organizing and systemizing the list all seems to have faded inside. Right now, there is no option available to have your lit back, but there is news by the team that they are working on an Export option that will allow users to log in to their account so to have the lists back. 

8 Fantastic Sites Like Animewatch (Best Aniwatch Alternatives)


9anime is one of the best Aniwatch alternatives that one can suggest. This is a no-brainer site to go to if nothing seems to be working for you. 9anime is one such site in which anything regarding anime can be found to watch, given it is of value. Downloading and streaming all go hand-in-hand with 9anime. 9anime is the best place for the fan of ‘Pacific Rim.’ 

Since most of the content is available both in sub and dub, it becomes easy for the user to stream in their preferred choice. It is arduous and illegal to find a torrent for any content. It is not advisable. Why do a lousy job when you can have what you want easily? Using a VPN to consume content that is banned in your country always remains an option. It is, anyways, a pirate website, but it is not a not-safe option to watch anime. Moreover, you do not have to pay anything to watch on 9anime. 9anime does not have any app to date for iPhone as it only serves on its website. 


Now, it might come out as a surprise, but when it comes to streaming video content, there is Netflix/ With Netflix, you can stay sure of your privacy and safety in the online world. Netflix not only offers the most popular and trending anime online. But also provides the very best, app-exclusive anime series whi9ch cannot be found anywhere else, easily or legally. Netflix is a genuine service and is not banned in any major country. Some anime like Deathnote, Dino Girl Gauko, 7-seeds can be watched on Netflix.

To refer to the list of anime offered exclusively on Netflix, please visit this link. Netflix is not free, but after the pandemic struggle, the website has released pocket-friendly packages to suit our watching habits. You can have a single or multi-user account on Netflix, with which you can even avail yourself of a 4K watching experience if you are ready to pay for it. Netflix is available on the website as well as apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


Love to stay anonymous? Well, then there is this good news for you in the form of Animeland. You can watch and download your wondrous shows, all without the rush of getting registered first. With Animeland’s vast library, it is unlikely that you might not find your search. Animeland offers many streaming options based on your broadband strength.

Anime Land is another site like Aniwatch and is a French based service but can be accessed all over the globe, as its streaming service is very original and complementary with the laws around copyrights. Animeland is also free to use, very simple, and easy to operate. Well, if you are new or just have an urge to explore the world of anime. Animeland DubbedTV is your way to reach the summit of anime heaven. Start with Naruto as it is one of the most and best-watched anime of all time and is available on the website. 

Crunchyroll | Popular Aniwatch Alternative

 A one-stop website for all your anime needs- Say Manga, anime, games, comics, and show, along with all the vital news and information regarding the latest releases. It is one of the oldest anime streaming services having its roots established in 2006. Crunchyroll started out as an illegal distributing source, but then, with Sony’s incorporation, Crunchyroll is now fully legal and even available in many languages, including Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, French apart from English. Crunchyroll offers 1000 legal to stream anime, of which 200 of them are purely East-Asian. You can watch anime like ‘Tower Of God,’ ‘In/specter,’ and ‘High Guardian Spice,’ just to name a few on Crunchyroll exclusive. It comes free with ads but also provides users three options to pay and watch everything ad-free. This service is open across devices and platforms, including iOS, PlayStation 4, Chromecast, Android, Roku,  and Amazon Fire TV. 

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Anime Planet

Hungry for Dr. Stone Anime? There shouldn’t be any place better than Anime-Planet. Well, we all hope to see the creativity behind the name of the service- Anime-Planet. Anime Planet’s most appreciated service is that the availability of anime is the most immediate. You must believe that most of the anime within a few days of its original release in Japan gets available on the website for users to watch. It is not available as an app for Linux, Mac, iPhone, iOS, and Windows.

You would also like how the website offers a categorized list of each interest. It is a very user-friendly website. The website offers over 45,000 industry-supported anime online. So, in short, Anime-Planet is entirely a legal source to watch Anime online. Moreover, there isn’t just anime to soothe in; Anime-Planet keeps good care of Manga lovers as well. 


Are you among the retro fans? Are you overly nostalgic about everything 70s, 80s, and 90s? Just to say, if you are, then would you believe there is a legal app to offer you only the same—everything retro in one place and that too, all for free. The backdrop is that there would be ads, but hey, these are modern times. Use your Brave browser to limit as much as it can, and you will be left with minimal advertisements or distractions online. We weebs would like anything Japanese because there is something about the place and its art. 1998’s Devil lady, 84’s Urusei Yatsura, and have you watched the 1994’s very popular- Street Fighter II: The Movie. Haven’t? Ask your dad and surprise him with the website. I am sure the guy would be lost in his old days. 

RetroCrush is also available as an app for mobile, but it cannot be accessed through your video game processors like Xbox or PlayStation. Nonetheless, the website itself is light-weighted, and smoothness wouldn’t be a problem.


AnimeHeros is also one of the most simple and free to watch on websites that offer a wide variety of anime based upon user interest and ratings. Here you can gather a massive database of subbed anime in English anime which is mostly the problem with other anime streaming services. 

Moreover, if the anime you need to watch is made for 1080p, you can watch it in the same format over here too. Nonetheless, it is a piracy website, and whenever one is on any such source, it is advised to use a VPN to stay secure of location tracking by evil-minded geeks. There are ads, which might be disruptive or misleading, and might harm if not attended to carefully. So to speak, there is no app available for AnimeHeros. 

Funimation (Powerful Site Like Aniwatch)

Funimation is a North-American anime source website. It is already a prevalent choice among the fans. Moreover, this website offers us the latest anime sequences, both anime movies, and series. You can easily download anything you want to watch in Funimation. Besides the high quality, you will also stay updated on all the news relating to Manga and Anime alike. 

Funimation can’t be accessed in a few countries. To check on Funimation, simply click on the header. However, it must be known that the premium services of Funimation do cost some bucks. But still, if one does not want to pay, there is the free-account option that shows ads as you stream. This website/app is available for Windows, Xbox. macOS, iOS, and Android as well. Funimation is especially a choice when it comes to English dubbed anime. The most popular trend right now on Funimation is ‘My Hero Academia.’ Click on the header to watch now. 

Closure | Sites Like Aniwatch

Goku! How do you feel about providing your screen a chance again to stream to you your most favorite anime again? I believe that you do not require to search more about sites like Aniwatch as you have been introduced to the all-worthy services that can help you pass this challenging time with Aniwatch down. 

And while we wait for Aniwatch to come to life again, why sit back when we can enjoy just the same with aniwatch alternatives. Have anything in mind? Reach out to us using the comment box below. 

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