9 Famous Anime Characters Voiced By Kosuke Toriumi
9 Famous Anime Characters Voiced By Kosuke Toriumi

9 Famous Anime Characters Voiced By Kosuke Toriumi

With such a prolific body of work, it’s no shock that Kosuke Toriumi has some of the most significant duties in anime.

Kosuke Toriumi is just one of several prolific voice actors with a large body of work in anime. Throughout the years, he has actually supplied voice help numerous collection, both preferred and also otherwise. Because of this, his voice has actually become legendary among anime fans, who have offered him affectionate nicknames like ToriKo and also Tori-chan.

Beyond anime, Toriumi has actually likewise appeared in other media, particularly in video games as well as visual books. But also for his work in anime, these duties stick out as Kosuke Toriumi’s a lot of identifiable. All one needs to do is pay attention for his distinctive, flexible voice.

Azzurro Vanel (Black Butler).

One of the initial villains to be introduced in Black Butler, Azzurro Vanel was the head of the Italian Mafia and also a member of the Ferro Family. Angry at not having the ability to do business in England, he and his males kidnap Ciel in order to get to a stash of medicines.

Azzurro’s strategies are undoubtedly foiled, however, when Sebastian reaches his hideout and also confronts him for kidnapping Ciel. In spite of having a secret weapon intended ahead of time, he ultimately ended up being the initial person to fall victim to Sebastian’s demonic powers.

Gilbert Nightray (Pandora Hearts).

Having been embraced by the Nightray family as a youngster, Gilbert is the youth close friend of Oz, to whom he holds a fanatical dedication. Nevertheless, when it comes to any person else, Gilbert only shows them loyalty in order to become directly dependent on them.

It is exposed that Gilbert shed his memories as a youngster, he currently has no passion in recouping them. Instead, he chooses to focus on verifying himself with carrying out menial jobs and working towards Oz’s advantage. He additionally has an illogical worry of cats, being sent out into a craze each time a feline is in the area.

Acnologia (Fairy Tail).

Distinguished by numerous as “The Dragon King,” Acnologia made his first appearance during Fairy Tail’s Tenrou Island Arc, where he proved to be a suit for Fairy Tail’s Dragon Slayers. Had it not been for Mavis’ Fairy Sphere, Acnologia would have surely ruined the entire island.

Throughout the guild fight between Fairy Tail and Tartarus, Acnologia took on and killed Igneel, though he shed among his arms at the same time. It was not till Fairy Tail’s battle with the Alvarez Empire that Acnologia’s objectives were ultimately revealed: he desires to rid the world of dragons due to his belief that they just create damage.

Showy Flash (One Punch Man).

Showy Flash is an S-Class hero from the Hero’s Association who possesses a sword in conjunction with his severe rate. He is an absolutely significant male who has no reconsiderations concerning berating his fellow heroes for their errors. He will acknowledge those around him that are deserving of his regard, such as Saitama.

Flashy Flash keeps his significant behavior in fight, yet he has a tendency to act upon a whim periodically. Declaring to have educated more than any person from his town, one of his noteworthy feats was when he defeated both Gale Wind and also Hellfire Flame, 2 effective fighters in their own right, at the same time.

Szayelaporro Granz (Bleach).

The scientific fanatic of Aizen’s Espada, Szayelaporro made a solid impression with his flamboyant personality and his distinct abilities. Just when his challengers, namely Uryu and Renji, relatively identified a way to defeat him, he proved that he was always at least one action ahead.

Szayelaporro likewise flaunted a prevalence facility during his battle with Uryu and Renji; at one factor, he also wished that Aizen would certainly wipe out anyone that was not a Hollow. It was just till his battle with Mayuri that Szayelaporro finally satisfied his match and experienced the shortcomings of his abilities at the expense of his life.

Sotaro Kano (Kaichou wa Maid-sama).

Sotaro is a reclusive young boy that at first has a dislike of girls; he was educated by his violent dad that girls were weak. Therefore, upon finding out about Misaki Ayuzawa’s plans to have more women in Seika High School, Sotaro takes it upon himself to quit her, hypnotizing her in order to threaten her position as course president.

Sotaro eventually comes to see the error in his beliefs after working with women. In particular, in order to be more comfortable around women, he befriends Shoichiro Yukimura, one more student council member that would at some point become his roomie.

Koga Gennosuke (Basilisk).

A participant of the Koga clan, Gennosuke is a mature, calm man that refuses to live a life of revenge. While the other participants of the Koga clan are eager to combat in the war versus the Iga clan, Koga believes the war to be meaningless. He also takes Oboro, a female from Iga, as his fiancé in order to enhance the bond between their clans.

In spite of being an advocate of peace, Gennosuke will certainly take up arms against any person that positions a threat to himself or his clan members. Along with being a master swordsman, Gennosuke possesses in his eyes the capability to negate any hostile intent towards him, transforming it back onto his challenger rather.

Kiba Inuzuka (Naruto).

Kiba started out as a member of Squad 8 alongside Hinata as well as Shino. Like most of his fellow shinobi, Kiba viewed Naruto as a failure, a state of mind he would carry right into his match against him throughout the Chunin Exams. Nonetheless, after a surprising loss at Naruto’s hands, Kiba had a change of heart and also turned into one of Naruto’s greatest allies.

Like his mommy as well as sister, Kiba is seldom seen without his canine Akamaru at his side. His bond with Akamaru likewise rollovers in fight, as shown by the several collaborative strategies both are able to use.

Guido Mista (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure).

Upon getting in the gang Passione, Mista is among 4 participants that Giorno satisfies for the very first time after Bucciarati. His Stand is the autonomous Sex Pistols, which contains 6 sentient beings that have the ability to reroute as well as control where Mista’s bullets hit the challenger.

Like the rest of Team Bucciarati, Mista is associated with guarding Trish for their employer while warding off powerful opponents, such as Sale and Ghiaccio. Although usually brave, he can be susceptible to superstitions every now and then, especially those revolving around the number four.

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