‘Acharya’ breaking rules and looming

If the movie is a hit, there is no telling how many days it will play successfully in the theater. If box office receipts are good..tickets sell well over the counter and try to play in theaters for as many days as possible if profits come in. The recently released `R R R` played well in theaters.

The makers were careful not to release the OTT release earlier than the normal deadline. The theater running was good so the movie was able to continue all day. The subsequent release of KGF-2 was on the same wave. The theater is looking to play the toy in the theater for as many days as possible as occupancy improves.

Such is the case with successful movies. The movie ‘Acharya` can be cited as an example to say that the scene will be different if it is a flop. Recently `Acharya` was released amid huge expectations and it is known what kind of results it has achieved. Megastar Chiranjeevi- Megapower star Ram Charan- Star maker Koratala Shiva combination in the film before the release of the expectations are sky high.

Between the two heroes the collections fell abruptly from the next day except for the first day’s collections. All the theaters were empty. It is not clear how much the film has achieved in the full run, but it seems that the producers and distributors have suffered huge losses. Released on April 29, the film will be released on OTT in exactly 20 days.

The film will be released on Amazon Prime on May 20. Prime has officially revealed this. The film is usually released six weeks later, according to OTT rules. But the film is being brought to the audience in advance as the results are manipulated at the theater.

Based on this one can predict the `Acharya` box office failure. With box office receipts falling sharply, it is hoped to bring in Prime as soon as possible to offset some of the losses.

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