Andrea Riseborough to remain Oscar nominee

Andrea Riseborough to remain Oscar nominee

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences conducted an internal evaluation of the promo campaign for actress Andrea Riseborough and her indie film For Leslie . As a result, Riseborough’s nomination for the Oscar 2023 in the category “Best Actress” will remain in force and will not be canceled.

Last week, Riseborough was sensationally nominated for the award, despite the lack of typical promotion for her picture. During the voting period, Riseborough was massively asked to support her high-profile Hollywood colleagues, including Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston and others. This caught the attention of social media users and rival studios.

Some have accused the PR team and Riseborough itself of dishonest promo, contrary to the principles of the Academy. According to the board of directors of the organization, complaints were not enough to withdraw the nomination, but henceforth such promotional tactics will be regulated.

“The purpose of the Academy’s promotional policies is to ensure a fair and ethical award process. <…> Changes to it will be made after the current awards season and brought to the attention of our members, ”said Bill Cramer, CEO of the Academy, in an address.

Riseborough’s competitors in the category were Cate Blanchett ( Tar ), Michelle Yeoh ( Everything Everywhere and At Once ), Ana de Armas ( Blonde ) and Michelle Williams ( Fabelmans ).’s review of “For the Sake of Leslie” is available at the link .

The 95th Oscars will take place on the night of March 12-13. In terms of the number of nominations , “Everything is everywhere and at once” (11) is in the lead.

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