Are family ladies gurus on Mahesh?

Are family ladies worried about superstar Mahesh? Is the adventure of Mahesh, a pucca family man, making that bold scene on the big screen becoming embarrassing for him now? That means yes there is a debate going on in Lady Fans.

Sarkar, starring Mahesh, recently released their song. There have been mixed reactions to this. Divide talk ran over the second half. However the Family Ladies are warming up whispering about a bold scene about a dialogue in this movie. The real Mahesh should not have done that! That’s what his diehard lady fans are talking about. In fact Mahesh acted in that scene beyond his own image. There is talk that Parashuram’s designing the scene just to impress the masses and pretending not to object to it has now gotten him into trouble.

So what’s that scene? That comes in the second sense. “I can’t sleep at night without stepping on the person lying next to me,” Mahesh asks Kirti Suresh to come to his house. Kirti comes home every night and sleeps next to him. He keeps his foot on the glory. Although some sections of the masses like it, Mahesh’s female fans are contemptuous. There is a discussion going on among them that this scene should not be done.

Mahesh did this scene in the film in a quest to be a treat for the masses but in reality there is a debate that it is not a suit for his image. Mahesh is a pucca family man in real life .. There are lady fans who want to look just as ideal on screen. Hence this riddle. Romance with the heroine is necessary .. but they do not want to cross boundaries. That is why Mahesh has to think carefully about his romance with the heroines in his upcoming films.

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