Bella Ramsey what it means for the actress of The Last of Us to be gender fluid

Bella Ramsey: what it means for the actress of “The Last of Us” to be gender fluid

The protagonist of Bella Ramsey in “The Last of Us” It has brought her a lot of fame, as she is now considered the new star of HBO Max. This has aroused the curiosity of her fans to learn more about her, from what she makes of her, her thoughts and tastes.

In an interview with the New York Times, Bella Ramsey opened up about her gender identity and stated that she is gender fluid. Her statements have not gone unnoticed, so many want to understand what she means. What does it mean to be gender fluid? Here we tell you.

Bella Ramsey Comes Out Gender Fluid

In an interview with “New York Times”, Bella Ramsey confessed that since she was little she has liked people to confuse her with a child and talk to her as if she were one. For this reason she has always been identified as gender fluid.

“I think my gender has always been very fluid. Someone called me ‘she’ and I didn’t think about it, but I knew that if someone called me ‘he’, it was a bit exciting,”said the British actress in the interview on January 11, 2023.

Bella Ramsey stated that, like other celebrities, she declares herself non-binary. In fact, she often chooses the “non-binary” option on any form she fills out.

“Being cast in one gender is not something I particularly like, but in terms of pronouns, I really couldn’t care less,” Bella Ramsey said of her gender identity, as noted.Univision.

What Does It Mean To Be Gender Fluid?

People who identify as “fluid gender” feel that their gender identity is neither fixed nor definable but rather changing (fluid), as defined by the Fundacion del Espanol Urgente (Fundeu).

Those with a fluid gender identity may feel like a man for a while and then as a woman or vice versa. They may also feel without a particular or defined gender.

Gender fluid is not determined by sexual orientation or certain sexual characteristics; but by the feeling of conformity within one’s own gender identity.


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