Cazzu: the criticism that Christian Nodal's girlfriend could not stand at a concert

Cazzu: the criticism that Christian Nodal’s girlfriend could not stand at a concert

During the fourth edition of the Argentine festival, which was held on January 14 and 15, 2023 in Cordoba, the attendees yelled at her to get off the stage, which caused the annoyance of the 29-year-old singer who did not hesitate to respond to their questions. detractors.

The Bum Bum Festival was attended by artists such as Cristian Castro, Miranda, La Barra, Los Pericos and DJ Tao, but the main star was Juan Carlos Jimenez Rufino, known as “La Mona Jimenez”. In fact, viewers wanted cazzu will leave the stage to make way for the interpreter and composer .

Cazzu’s Strong Response

Tired of booing and shouting, the girlfriend of Christian Nodal he chose to interrupt one of his songs to confront the public and demand respect . “ When there are a lot of people who don’t know us, normally when you’re a girl and you go on stage, they insult you, they tell you go away. I am a lady, you have to respect me , ”she indicated.

However, his words were not enough for the public to change their attitude, so Cazzu pointed out that a lot of courage is needed to get on stage and asked those who do not like his presentation to hold on.

“ You have to have a lot of hues**s to get on stage, there are many guys who don’t have the hues**s. I stand proud here and the one who doesn’t like it has already gone, ”replied the Argentine rapper, singer, songwriter and director.

Despite his many attempts, he was unable to finish the set list he had planned for the Bum Bum Festival. In the end, he dedicated her presentation to all those who asked him to get off it and remarked that she was paid a lot of money to be there.

“ I want to dedicate it to the boys who ask me to leave. They pay me a lot to be here, I don’t think so. Hold on to Cordoba, hold on to the quartet and hold on to respect ,” she stated.


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