Danger Bells for Tollywood Stars?

Tollywood has been buzzing with Pan India movies for a while now. But most of the films starring Stars at the same level are turning out to be huge flops at the box office. In the past it was known that the movie was a flop but why did it flop? .. What are those reasons? The excitement of knowing that was in the average viewer. But the situation began when the audience could not come to the theater unless they heard the talk of the hit blockbuster.

Not to mention that this is really a Danger Bell for Tollywood Stars. The mind set of the average viewer has changed compared to the past. Then he wanted to go to the cinema anyway but now he has come to the mindset that if the OTTs come, it will be two or three weeks before he can watch the same movie Intillipadi at low cost in the OTTs. Apart from that he does not even like to go to theaters and spend hundreds of thousands.

Triple RKGF2 is coming to theaters only to spend heavily on big movies like Marvel Movies. He does not like to even touch the theater gate for ordinary movies. Triple RKGF2 films are in the O range so they only want to spend money on such films. Acharya Sarkar for Saadi Seeda movies The audience does not think that films like their song should come to the theaters at a huge cost.

With this, the Danger Bells are ringing without the knowledge of the Stars movies. It is becoming clear that industries are going into a danger zone under the Pan India magic. In addition, the OTT affair seemed to fuel the fire. With Stars movies streaming on OTT three weeks later, audiences are no longer interested in coming to theaters with family spending tens of thousands. One of the main reasons for this is the huge increase in ticket rates after Corona, while another reason is the growing popularity of big movies among the average audience.

The situation is similar in all industries in India, not just in the South, raising questions about the status of the Stars. Trade circles are voicing that the fact that the average spectator is not interested in coming to the theaters at a huge cost unless he exits on a massive scale is really a bad pen for the stars.

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