Dhoni’s movie with Nayantara is too much!

Dhoni has been investing in businesses since announcing his retirement. Already given entry into the restaurant business. They are also investing in a poultry business affiliated with it. The Mahi team is moving towards establishing an organic poultry industry at the Farmhouse in Ranchi. Kadak Nad in the country is moving forward with a focus on that business due to the business craze for chickens.

Apart from these, Dhoni is making his entry into the film industry. He has set up his own production company in Bollywood and is ready to produce films. Dhoni is firmly planning to make those films worldwide with the brand. Dhoni has already set up a banner under the name Entertainments Pvt Ltd.

However, the campaign on social media has been going on for a few days now that the first movie is being produced by Kollywood star heroine Nayantara. According to media reports, Dhoni has chosen a lady-oriented script for Nayan to release the film in the Pan India category.

The Dhoni Entertainment team has recently responded to the news. Please do not believe such rumors .. Their team is currently working on an exciting project and the details will be revealed soon. He regretted that he did not understand how the original rumor was born.

With this, the news of Dhoni-Nayantara project came to light. Cricketers are nowhere near as big as in the film industry. Former cricketer Sreesanth wore make-up. In Bollywood he acted in `Axar-2` ..` Cabaret` films. Also `Team-5` in Malayalam .. He acted in` Kempe Gowda` films in Kannada. He starred in the recently released Tamil film Kathuvakula Rendu Kadal.

Sreesanth also excelled in television. It was with that experience that he made his acting debut after retirement. Sachin is also rumored to be making his Bollywood debut as a producer. Recently, there was a rumor in the media that Sachin’s daughter is dreaming of becoming a big heroine.

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