Did Steve McQueen Crash His Car to Become a Film Star?
Did Steve McQueen Crash His Car to Become a Film Star?

Did Steve McQueen Crash His Car to Become a Film Star?

In the current Movie Legends Revealed, find whether Steve McQueen really collapsed his car just to make his movie celebrity fantasizes happened.

Steve McQueen collapsed his vehicle to be allowed to shoot his star-making film function in The Magnificent Seven.

It is interesting to note that the career trajectories of significant Hollywood film stars today are actually not all that different from what they were in the past, in the sense that generally talking, a film star will certainly get a big break in a smaller sized motion picture and then get duties in bigger and larger movies up until they are a star. In other words, while lots of actors do smaller sized television roles early in their profession (as they have been doing since tv existed, like James Dean functioning as a “feat tester” on the 1950s game program, Beat the Clock), it is still relatively unusual for a motion picture celebrity to first be a tv star. The TV to movie shift is still as tough in 2022 as it was when stars like David Caruso, Shelley Long or Farrah Fawcett left their corresponding shows to attempt to make it in films (and primarily stopped working to do so).

There are at the very least some notable instances of the shift from Television to film where leaving a hit collection to try to come to be a movie celebrity HAS functioned out, like George Clooney, Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy. That wasn’t the case yet in the late 1950s, when nobody had truly yet made that change. Nonetheless, it was a shift that Steve McQueen was established to make, whatever severe actions it called for.


Steve McQueen was a member of the Marine Corps from 1947-50. He did movie theater work and also some tv duties prior to relocating to Hollywood in 1955 to try to further his career. He appeared as bounty hunter, Josh Randall, in an episode of the popular TV western series, Trackdown, starring Robert Culp (that McQueen had actually been close friends with back in New York).

McQueen was a charming number as well as promptly came to be a significant television celebrity, with his collection a big hit, debuting in the top 20 in its first period prior to hitting the leading 10 for period two. Films quickly came a calling and McQueen was abel to do a Frank Sinatra image routed by John Sturges during the hiatus of the initial two periods of Wanted: Dead or Alive.

However, when Sturges wanted McQueen for an additional photo the following year, things got complicated, and also it caused McQueen taking some really drastic actions to secure what he really felt would be a star-making flick duty.

The film was called The Magnificent Seven, a western remake of the popular Akira Kurosawa Japanese film, The Seven Samurai, concerning a group of cowboys who collaborate to shield a community. McQueen’s role was not a huge one, in terms of lines, yet Sturges urged that it was still a snazzy duty (the famous line is that Sturges guaranteed to “offer McQueen the electronic camera”). The only problem was that the filming contravened the capturing routine of the upcoming season of Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Marshall Terrill, in his superb McQueen bio, Steve McQueen in His Own Words, detailed what happened following, according to McQueen’s manager at the time, Hilly Elkins:

” Tom McDermott, might he rest in peace, was out of New York as well as was a tough guy, a hard Irishman, and understood what I was coming into his workplace for,” Elkins said, that attempted to attract business side of McDermott by informing him the flick would draw more attention to the collection. “Give him a couple of weeks settlement leave. I understand that in the spirit of Dick Powell, you’re going to assist us out,” Elkins said delicately.

He’s got a deal, he’s got a contract, and also that’s what he’s going to be doing,” McDermott said. When Elkins got back to his workplace, he called McQueen, who was in Hartford, Connecticut, making another dreaded personal appearance on behalf of Wanted: Dead or Alive. When again, McQueen would certainly draw out all the quits to feed his ambitions.

Sure enough, McQueen then drove his car (with his wife in the traveler’s seat) right into the side right into a branch of the Bank of Boston. He was after that seen using a neck support. McDermott, of course, did not believe it. This brought about Etkins going over the matter with McDermott some more, as he recalled:

Elkins’s responsibilities hired him to occasionally act with artificial virtue. “Hey, appearance. It was a crash, he’s got a neck trouble and he can not do the program, he can not do the film. We’ve got a trouble,” Elkins claimed. McDermott knew when he was licked. He called Elkins right into his office as well as validated the motion picture, “Okay, look. This isn’t what we such as to do, yet you get this round. We’ll allow him out early to do the picture.” Elkins had some unfinished business. “Thank you, Mr. McDermott. That was after that, this is now. There’s one more demand, and that is you increase the wage.”

After yelling obscenities, McDermott ultimately gave in to their needs and McQueen reached do The Magnificent Seven, which did, actually, turn him into a movie star.

Remarkably, the rankings dropped on the 3rd season of Wanted: Dear or Alive, and also it was terminated, freeing McQueen approximately do films permanent, which he did for the rest of his life.


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