EXCLUSIVE: Nia Sharma shares TV producers treated her like a ‘slave’, called her ‘unprofessional’

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Nia Sharma is one of the most outspoken actresses in the television industry and she has never kept her opinion tied down with the fear of getting any backlash. Nia has always been her fearless self and in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, the actress revealed why she has become so aggressive and stern when it comes to the command in her work. Nia Sharma sat down for an explosive tell-all during Her Story season 2, the actress said that her journey has not been easy and she has had to work in cringe-worthy conditions. But she struggled with getting her payments on time even after working for long hours. Nia revealed she was treated like a slave on set and she had ugly fights to ‘extract her money’.

Nia Sharma told Bollywood Bubble, “Yes, I have been misbehaved with on set. Because come on you are on a TV set right, you are working every day. Of course, you are taken for granted, taken for a ride, treated like a mule, not like an actor. It is not web, with web yes there comes respect. I have worked in the most cringe conditions and I will not tweak it in any other way. Bad treatment, bad behaviour, they think you are their labour, they think you are their slaves. That you will come at 9 am and if you ask to leave at 9 pm, so you become unprofessional, you didn’t complete your shoot. Fuck off, man!”

Nia said she would be considered unprofessional if she wanted to return home on time after completing her work. Hygenic conditions were an alien concept when she started out, “I have done a show with 30 days, plus 36-40 extra hours as well to a show where I come on time and I make sure I leave on time. That doesn’t make me unprofessional. Today after 10 years if I dont treat myself well at work, nobody else will treat me well. If you call this command then yes I hold that command. If I want nice conditions around me, I dont want a filthy vanity van that used to come at that time, my heart cries. It is cringeworthy when I think about those things. You work your ass off and then you are begging for your payments. I have gone through that and I have fought, like ugly fights. I used to stand outside the studio until my payment was made I would not work. Yes, I gave those ultimatums because there was no other way my payment was going to be made. We have been made to beg, cry, plead, and why should an actor always plead and beg to a producer that ‘oh! I have got EMIs to pay’. Of course, we have got EMIs to pay, I didn’t come from a very wealthy family, we have rents to pay, but why am I suppose to utter it from my mouth when my very deserving payment is due.”

The Naagin actress opened up that she has gone through those bad behaviours, people have misbehaved, she’s been denied her money, but she made sure to extract that money no matter how, “I was ready that you can blacklist me, or dont give me work again, I never cared about those things. I fought like a Queen to just get my money out. So today I make sure I do your work and I need my payment on time. So this is why I become ugly and this is why I have become so aggressive suddenly. It is unfair because no one is coming to ask you for work.”

Check out the full conversation with Nia Sharma below:

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