‘F3’ team not interested in hike .. good decision

The sequel to the super hit F2 movie F3 is all set to release. Family audiences and everyone are eagerly awaiting the upcoming F3 movie on the 27th of this month. Looking at the trailer, it seems that there will be entertainment in the F3 movie without any reduction to the F2 movie.

Sunil also teamed up with Venkatesh and Varun Tej in the F3 as an added strength. There is talk in the media that the F3 movie will definitely give the audience as much fun as they want … the double entertainment that the family audience wants. It is believed that the movie will definitely impress everyone even if it is a bit late due to Corona.

Recently, for big movies .. Telugu state governments are making it easy to increase ticket rates for the first week or ten days for big budget movies. If the government is reputable for small films .. Medium budget movies also have a high chance of ticket rates. But whether the F3 wants that hike or not.

There have already been criticisms of the opinion that ticket rates are too high. Some are of the opinion that further increase in ticket rates at such a time is not a correct decision at all. Some argue that the high ticket prices for movies released in the recent past have caused more harm than good.

That is why Dil Raju spent a lot for the F3 movie. However, it is understood that there is no intention to increase ticket rates. The unit members want the family audience to watch the F3 movie in the main. That’s why raising movie ticket rates is likely to alienate family audiences. That is why Dil Raju is not making that decision.

Movie lovers and industry circles alike are responding that this is a good decision. Venkatesh .. Tamanna Mehreen played the heroines in the F3 movie starring Varun Tej. Rajendra Prasad .. Sunil .. Moonlight Kishore played a key role. Expectations on the movie are rising hugely with the good response to the trailer.

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