Find out if "The Queen of the South" will have season 4

Find out if “The Queen of the South” will have season 4

Starring Kate del Castillo and a great cast of actorsthe Seriede Telemundo has achieved a significant level of followers on the famous Netflix streaming platform .

Precisely, after succeeding with its first and second seasons, “queen of the south brings its fans new episodes in season 3 . This installment was released on December 30 and since then many have applauded the great work of the actors.

Although some have already seen all the episodes of the third season, a rumor has been heard of a possible season 4.

Will The Queen Of The South Have A Season 4?

” The Queen of the South ” is one of the most famous productions of recent times and its millions of fans are waiting to see new episodes after season 3.

Despite the success obtained by the Telemundo production, it is not yet defined whether the aforementioned television network will offer new episodes of the successful series.

As specified gamers area, Season 4 of “The Queen of the South” has not been confirmed -at this time- , adding that “the story does not allow for much more, so the chances that it will be renewed for a fourth season are, at least, tiny”.

How Many Seasons Does “La Reina Del Sur” Have?

Currently the series ” La reina del sur ” broadcasts its third season, although behind it are other deliveries that had the applause of the public. Thus we have:

  • First season:February 28 to May 30, 2011
  • Second season:April 29 to July 29, 2019
  • Third season:December 30, 2022 – present

Trailer For “La Reina Del Sur” – Season 3

Technical Sheet Of “La Reina Del Sur”

  • Original Title: Queen of the South
  • Genre: Drama
  • First season premiere year: 2011
  • Country: MEXICO
  • Creator: Roberto Stopello
  • Based on “La Reina del Sur” by Arturo Pérez-Reverte
  • Direction: Walter Doehner, Carlos Bolado
  • Screenplay: Valentina Parraga, José Miguel Nunez Macias
  • Novel: Arturo Pérez-Reverte
  • Music: Francis Amat
  • Photography: Alejandro Garcia W.
  • Seasons: 3
  • Chapters: 173

Actors And Characters Of Season 3 Of “La Reina Del Sur”

  • Kate del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza
  • Isabella Sierra as Sofia Dantés
  • Humberto Zurita as Epifanio Vargas
  • Antonio Gil as Oleg Yosikov
  • Alejandro Calva as César Güemes ‘Batman’
  • Kika Edgar as Genoveva Alcalá
  • Lincoln Palomeque as Faustino Sanchez Godoy
  • Emanuel Orenday as Danilo Marquez
  • Tiago Correa as Jonathan Peres
  • Eduardo Yánez as Antonio
  • Cuca Escribano
  • Sara Vidorreta
  • Agata Clares
  • noah hernandez
  • Horace Garcia Rojas
  • Ed Trucco as Ernie Palermo
  • Charles Valencia
  • Arturo Rios as Delio Jurado
  • Denia Agalianou
  • Anderley Palomino as Mateo Mena
  • fernando solorzano
  • Victor Rebull as Fedor Yasikov
  • Sofia Lama as Susana Guzman
  • Matias Novoa as Nacho Duarte
  • Beth Chamberlin
  • Pêpê Rapazote as Pablo Landero

What Is Season 3 Of “La Reina Del Sur” About?

According to the official synopsis of Telemundo, “ the third season of ‘ La reina del sur ‘ begins four years after the impressive end of the second installment, when Teresa Mendoza, who enjoyed an idyllic life with her daughter, saw her hiding place jeopardized by the arrival of military forces. Now, Teresa Mendoza is faced with the most dangerous mission of her life: she will leave everything behind to succeed, even if it means having to burn down her throne as ‘La Reina del Sur’.

Where Was “La Reina Del Sur 3” Recorded?

For its third season, the Telemundo production toured 16 tourist destinations in five Latin American countries.

Among these are the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Teatro Colón in Argentina, Santa Marta in Colombia, among others.

When Will “La Reina Del Sur” Season 3 End On Telemundo?

It is estimated that season 3 of “La reina del sur” will end around the fortnight of January .

Once this is over,will take the post “The Lord of Heaven”with its eighth season on Tuesday, January 17 , at 9:00 pm (Eastern Time) on Telemundo in the United States.

Why Have Not All The Chapters Of “La Reina Del Sur” Season 3 Been Released On Netflix?

If you excitedly entered Netflix to watch the new episodes of “The Queen of the South” continuously and you stayed with the story halfway, then you will have discovered that season 3 is not complete on the platform .

When Will All The Chapters Of “La Reina Del Sur” Be See On Netflix?

So far, there are only 45 episodes of the 60 that make up the third season of “The Queen of the South” on Netflix. The reason why they have not all been uploaded is because the series is still broadcast on Telemundo, so the platform must wait for it to end on the channel’s signal.

How Can You See “La Reina Del Sur 3″ On Telemundo Currently?

If you are impatient and want to see “La Reina del Sur 3″ in real time, it airs Monday through Friday at 8:00 pm (Central Time) and 9:00 pm (Eastern Time) . The episodes are also published the following day on the channel’s website.

What Was The First Day Of Shooting Like At “La Reina Del Sur” For Victor Rebull?

The actor who plays Fedor, the son of Oleg Yasikov (Antonio Gil) spoke with Millennium and revealed several little-known details of the story and his experience in the series starring Kate del Castillo.

The Catalan actor, whose experience goes back mainly to the theater, came to the production thanks to his manager Javier Barazarte and quickly seized the role of the heir to the dangerous Oleg.

Why Did Not Isabella Sierra Do The Kissing Scenes In “La Reina Del Sur”?

In a transmission made by the actress Isabella Sierra in your instagram account He talked about his character in “La reina del sur 3” and at one point touched on the subject of slightly risque scenes. What did she point out about those recordings?

Kate Del Castillo Says Farewell To Teresa Mendoza?

The role of Teresa Mendoza may be the most important that Kate del Castillo has played throughout her extensive acting career, so it is normal that most of her fans identify her in such a way. However, the character could be reaching the end of it, according to some statements from herself.

Who Is Cuca Scribano?

“La reina del sur” is one of the most successful productions of recent times. The fiction premiered its third season in October 2022 and Kate Del Castillo along with a large cast of actors continue to surprise the public. Precisely, Cuca Escribano, the actress who plays Sheila, appears on this list.

What Happened At The End Of Season 3 Of “La Reina Del Sur”?

In her search, Teresa loses several members of her team, including Jonathan and Rocio Aljarafe. Also, the closer they get to the hidden evidence, the more dangers and threats they face. In fact, Palermo and Charlie will stop at nothing to find his whereabouts.

What Does The End Of Season 3 Of “La Reina Del Sur” Mean?

Teresa and her allies infiltrate the building by pretending to be part of the catering service and planting cameras and microphones all over the place to get them to confess to their crimes. Despite the First Lady’s support, they are discovered by one of the senator’s men and are forced to make him her hostage.

Who Is Mayella Lloclla, The Peruvian Actress Who Appears In “La Reina Del Sur 3”?

Mayella Lloclla Nunez  is a film, theater and television actress. She rose to fame for her leading role in  “Dina Páucar: The Fight for a Dream”  and has been awarded for her work in  “Two Sisters, United by Heart” and “The Last Bastion” .

She came to acting when she was preparing to enter the  National Conservatory of Music , where she planned to become an opera singer. However, he realized that his thing was acting.


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