From "Drunken Master" to "Foreigner": 7 best action movies with Jackie Chan

From “Drunken Master” to “Foreigner”: 7 best action movies with Jackie Chan

A master of incredible techniques, a satirist, a gifted and also very captivating star – all this has to do with Jackie Chan. We collected seven of the most rated movies with the involvement of action experts.

Armor of God

Prize hunter Jackie takes a ritual sword. It ends up that the weapon belongs to the Armor of God, the damage of which will lead to the dominance of Evil on earth. There are a lot of individuals that intend to obtain the armor, as well as Jackie comes to be a participant in this hunt.

Jackie Chan himself directed The Armor of God, sang tracks and also played the title role. Naturally, he also carried out all the methods himself, and also it was worth a great deal. On the set, Jackie received a really significant injury: he could not resist when jumping from the castle wall surface to a tree, fell as well as punctured his head. The actor astonishingly endured, however one ear now hears even worse than the various other.


Kwan’s child (Jackie Chan) is killed in a terrorist assault in London by the Irish Republican Military. The authorities are in no hurry to find the terrorists. Kwan, a former special representative and also professional of the Vietnam Battle, makes a decision to retaliate his daughter’s fatality himself.

Action from the maker of “Online casino Royale”, “Golden Eye” and “Mask of Zorro” Martin Campbell. Shortly prior to the launch of the picture, Jackie Chan finally received an Oscar, however except a certain film, however, for his basic contribution to movie theater. For many years, this award existed to Sophia Loren, Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, David Lynch.

Rush Hour

Martial artists Lee (Jackie Chan) are called in to help from Hong Kong. The cops really felt that the launch of the girl – this is not the situation for a foreigner, and designated to the examiner of the uneasy and also chatty policeman Carter (Chris Tucker).

When Jackie Chan’s name had currently come to be recognized to Hollywood, an amusing action flick of the time. Chan and Tucker’s joint performance was called the Best On-Screen Duo of 1999 by MTV.

Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

Youthful kid Chien Fu (Jackie Chan) unintentionally rescues the great martial art master Pai Chen-Chen (Yuan Xiaotian). The master embarks on to instruct him martial arts, specifically because he is the last rep of the Snake Fist college. Knowledge will certainly work to Chien Fu, due to the fact that the master’s rivals intended to eliminate him.

” The Serpent in the Eagle’s Shadow” is one of the initial movies in which Jackie Chan played a major role. Before that, he appeared in various action movies as an extra or stuntman. Supervisor Yuen Woo-Ping not only coached Chan and made Hong Kong films. He worked in Hollywood as a fighting styles choreographer for The Matrix as well as Kill Bill.

Project A

The action occurs at the beginning of the 20th century. Jackie Chan’s character battles sea pirates along with the people from the Hong Kong Coast Guard. A sequel, Project A: Part 2, was launched in 1987.

One more excellent action film featuring Jackie Chan, which he shot himself. The trick with the fall from the clock tower has actually gone down in history: no one has risked to repeat this. In addition, Jackie dropped from an elevation of greater than 10 meters three times, and all 3 takes were consisted of in the film.

Drunken Master

Wong Fei-Hung (Jackie Chan) is a obstinate and mischievous bully. His dad sends him to examine with a kung fu master, who utilizes by no means humane approaches of education, and also misuses alcohol.

Joint work of Jackie Chan, Yuan Xiaotian as well as Yuen Wu-Ping. The project was so successful that it received 2 sequels: Drunken Master 2 and also Drunken Master 3 (yet Jackie Chan did not act in the latter part).

Police Story

Police officer Kevin Chan (Jackie Chan) is appointed to care for the medication lord’s secretary, the main witness in his instance. The lady goes away on the day of the test, as well as suspicion drops on Kevin.

Police Story got six follows up, the last of which was released nearly 30 years after the first installment (Police Story 2013 ). One of Jackie’s best films, the excellent mix of feats, wit and action.

If you have an interest in finding out more about Jack Chan, his life and also job, we advise his biography by author Mo Zhu “Jackie Chan. I’m satisfied”. It contains numerous touching and also funny stories from the life of your favored star and director.

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