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Gamanam,  directed by debutante Sujana Rao, is an anthology of three obvious  stories set aside in diverse parts of Hyderabad. The movie addresses themes  of urban poverty, gender, financial inequality, and innocence of youngsters.

Kamala (Shriya Saran) is a hearing-impaired tailor, who  lives with her cramped one girl and is hoping for her husband to return from  Dubai. Ali (Shiva Kandukuri) plays an aspiring cricketer, who lives with  his grandparents (Charu Hasan & Indu Anand) and falls in savor with  Zara (Priyanka Jawalkar), from his neighbourhood. Two orphaned rag  pickers (Manu and Bhanu), comb a scrapyard to  obtain issues that aid them obtain fun their birthday.

Sujana  tells an uplifting narrative that offers with a deluge in Hyderabad. She  manages to scheme our attention to the themes dealt with within the movie and the  narrative has a prime sense of deja vu.

The movie feels overlong with  plenty of the characters (savor Nithya Menen, Kancharapalem Raju) coming off underdeveloped. The realistic component doesn’t mix seamlessly  ample to give us a soul-stirring lope, and the movie lacks a ambitious  emotional join. 

To illustrate, the narrative of Kamala would possibly per chance well per chance even obtain been more taking part, nonetheless the director fails to successfully painting her  battle. Also, the battle between Zara’s father (Sanjay Swaroop) and  Ali’s grandfather would possibly per chance well per chance also had been dealt with mighty higher. Even the narrative of  the kids wasn’t explored to its fullest probably. But, it is the  heartwarming bond between the kids, the relationship between Ali and his  grandparents, and a struggling tailor attempting to beat all odds that  follow you. 

Get, as an illustration, the superbly crafted  scene, where the kids relentlessly are trying to promote a clay idol of Ganesha  and the rain washes away the clay and their goals. Also, the scene  where Charu Hasan cooks mutton for his grandson and asks his valuable other to  definite off the kitchen, and the episode where Kamala shares an anecdote  with her daughter will abet you invested within the story. I obtain to insist these youngsters are the guts of this narrative, and Sujana Rao has roped in gifted actors, who steal the expose. 

Shriya  Saran has a pure ease in entrance of the camera, and she pulls off some  of the pivotal scenes with out a brand of self-consciousness. It holds  the identical with Charu Hasan, who with out complications conveys a heat nonetheless seriously  impervious expression by intention of his eyes. Shiva Kandukuri and Priyanka  Jawalkar are aptly forged in their respective roles and both delivered  earnest performances. Sadly, Suhaas became once wasted in an  insignificant plot.

Ilaiyaraaja’s background score and song are a  main asset to the movie and Gnana Sekhar VS’s cinematography offers us  some tremendously lit frames. Gamanam is a simple narrative that has its  heart within the appropriate set aside. It’s a long way in plenty of how a loyal and poignant   story of redemption. Sujana Rao superbly captures the innocence of the  youngsters and offers us some genuinely touching monents. No topic all its  familiarity, to be loyal, the movie does hit a few appropriate notes.

Movie: Gamanam

Cast: Shriya Saran, Charu Hasan, Priyanka Jawalkar, Shiva Kandukuri

Director: Sujana Rao

Review: 3

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