Gopi’s decision by Radhika .. The shock that awaited the Pandian Stores family – Pakiyalakshmi, Pandian Store Mega Sangamam Episode Update

Baakiyalakshmi Episode Update 14.05.22: Popular serials airing on Tamil iconic Vijay TV are Pakkiyalakshmi and Pandian Stores. The serials are currently being aired together under the name Mega Sangamam.

In today’s episode, Danam tells Pakiya that you and Rendu will be happy and Pakiya tells us that we will be watching to see if we can lie to deal with what makes us happy. Danam says that we noticed when you came to the city to tell Pakiya that you had discovered it for two days. At this time Eswari did not like to call Ms. Gopi Sara at all and would always be cynical and angry. This awesome Varushama is still very angry. I wonder if he has any contact with anyone, and I’m looking at him with a toy. Stay tuned for when you can get out of here. I did not say anything. My sister will send me away from work.

Then Baqia brings the same sari for everyone. The Pandian Stores family is delighted to see this. Then Murthy’s Gopi’s father is sitting and playing Paramatman. Then Eswari comes and talks to Murthy.

This page is confusing not knowing what to do with Gopi then Kannan comes and asks spelling for it to tell me what the wi-fi password is. Thus at the time when Gopi saw Kadupagi Kannan, Kannan goes down sadly after Jeeva arrives. Jeeva apologizes to Gopi Gopi says it was my fault I just showed my tension on Kannan.

After that Murthy stays in the room and when Gopi sees Murthy coming in he slips nicely and Murthy calls him and makes him sit down. At that moment, Ehil’s uncle calls him to buy something to eat. Then Gopi tells me where to go and eat and then I go out.

Kadir then tells Danam and Murthy to stand outside together and ask Murthy if there is any problem with Ehil and Dad as Kadir says I know too. Then Murthy Knight calls him and tells him not to talk for a long time and his hammer says that something is going on.

Then home decor work takes place. Pakia is sweet and we give it to him and tell him how it tastes. He also says to eat and leave to be super. This concludes today’s Pakkiyalakshmi serial episode.

In the promo video released later, Kopi Radhika will definitely go to our birthday function tomorrow to make a phone call. He says he will not talk to you in this life. Then Kopi Radhika who phoned her friend to tell you what to say tomorrow is beyond the conch and challenges you to see how I can stop this problem from happening. Kadir overhears Kup talking like this.

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