Has Ms. Marvel Became a Time Travel Adventure?
Has Ms. Marvel Became a Time Travel Adventure?

Has Ms. Marvel Became a Time Travel Adventure?

Ms. Marvel includes a time travel component to Kamala’s emotional rollercoaster while the Disney+ series continues to follow her heroic evolution.

Ms. Marvel has offered Kamala Khan an emotionally challenging trip while she unlocks keys of bordering her superpowers as well as prospective destiny. She initially thought her family’s bangle gave her powers, yet her friend Bruno verified that her abilities were latent and seemed to be stired up, possibly tying in her Inhuman backstory from the comics.

That growth resulted in Kamala being called to Pakistan by her grandma Sana, who wanted to expose more concerning her family tree. In Season 1, Episode 4, “Seeing Red,” she had a mind-blowing experience in Karachi. Kamala met the Red Daggers as well as found out about the battles her great-grandmother Aisha had sustained. As if that wasn’t enough, the last minutes of the episode included a time travel component right into the mix.

Kamran’s mommy Najma and also her agents from the ClanDestine group broke out of Damage Control’s hold and looked for to obtain the bangle from Kamala. Waleed– the head of the Red Daggers– disclosed that they desired the bracelet to break the Veil of Noor down, which would certainly result in their globe crashing right into Kamala’s globe as well as damaging numerous lives. A succeeding chase led to Najma murdering Waleed.

Thankfully, “Seeing Red” likewise presented some help for Kamala in the form of her first-team up with Kareem, aka the Red Dagger. He eradicated some of Najma’s minions. The blade dug right into her bracelet– and launched energy that moved Kamala back to India in 1947– additionally recognized as the Partition when Najma tried to stab Kamala. Understanding this was when Sana was divided from her mom Aisha, Kamala climbed up atop the train … just for the episode to upright a cliffhanger.

Ms. Marvel followers theorized that Aisha had actually been tossed right into the secret dimension Kamala saw when she first wielded the bracelet, recommending that she was stuck in the ClanDestine world. That would clarify why Aisha appears to be getting to out to Kamala through the bracelet– but having Kamala go back in time is a massive plot spin for the series.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has used time traveling before. Avengers: Endgame had Earth’s Mightiest Heroes going across the time stream to quit Thanos. Ms. Marvel’s displacement could create a closed time loop with Kamala coming to be Sana’s savior before getting back to the here and now. “Seeing Red” has fans anxious to see what extra the bracelet can do, what Kamala finds regarding her household in this brand-new period and also if Aisha can help Kamala stop Najma and the Djinn.

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