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I Care a Lot: Rosamund Pike on her latest Netflix film and why she refuses to be pigeonholed by prettiness



I Care a Lot: Rosamund Pike on her latest Netflix film and why she refuses to be pigeonholed by prettiness
I Care a Lot: Rosamund Pike on her latest Netflix film and why she refuses to be pigeonholed by prettiness

I Care a Lot: Rosamund Pike on her latest Netflix film and why she refuses to be pigeonholed by prettiness

“There are two types of people in this world,” says the coolly assured voice of Rosamund Pike, playing Marla Grayson, in the opening voice-over of I Care a Lot as the camera slowly pans over the dazed-looking inhabitants of a nursing home. “The people who take, and those getting took.”

From the first shot of the back of Marla’s razor-sharp blond bob, it’s clear which category she belongs to. A ruthlessly amoral and icily self-assured con woman, she plays the role of a conscientious, court-mandated guardian perfectly, all while deftly separating the elderly wards under her care from their families and bank accounts.

Pike, the British actress best known for her Oscar-nominated performance in Gone Girl, is the blazing star of I Care a Lot, written and directed by J Blakeson, on Netflix. Pike has already earned a Golden Globe nomination for the role, in which she is both chillingly villainous and seductively fearless, a true antihero doing very bad things with relish.

“Marla is like a scrappy street fighter in designer clothing,” Pike said in a recent video interview from Prague. “It was a deep dive into finding a place where I could own the hunger for money, the hunger to win, the conviction that your own goal is more important than anything else.”

All are traits “that aren’t often portrayed by women in film,” she added.

Pike, 42, is disarmingly beautiful with flawless peaches-and-cream skin and smooth blond hair. Articulate and thoughtful during the interview, she considered questions carefully, occasionally going off-piste: “I wish I could ask you some questions,” she said at one point.

Pike, who found early limelight at 21 as a Bond girl in Die Another Day, has had a successful acting career for more than two decades, but she has never acquired — or apparently aspired to — the mega-fame of some of her peers.

Perhaps that’s because although she might have successfully specialized playing the English rose (see her turn as Jane Bennett in Joe Wright’s 2005 Pride and Prejudice), Pike has never allowed herself to be pigeonholed by prettiness. She has spoofed the British spy film in Johnny English Reborn, acted opposite Tom Cruise in the action thriller Jack Reacher, and played a hilariously clueless socialite in An Education, the hard-bitten reporter Marie Colvin in A Private War and the enigmatic Amy of Gone Girl.

“I think she sometimes gets a bit bypassed because she rarely goes showy in her roles,” Blakeson said. “It confounds me that she didn’t win the Oscar for Gone Girl.”

Blakeson added that he had long wanted to work with Pike. “She is different in every part; you never know what you are going to get,” he said. “In I Care a Lot, playing a character that couldn’t be more unlike her as a person, you are reminded of just how good she is.”

Pike grew up in London, the only child of two opera singers who spent a lot of time on the road as they traveled from job to job. She said she knew that she was going to be an actor from about the age of 4. “You grow up in a creative household and you assimilate that,” she said. “Adults to me were people who could play and tell stories in compelling ways. I would sit for hours in rehearsals for operas and work out why I believed things, or why I didn’t. I found a kind of magic in the theater; it felt like a good place where I belonged.”

She did not do much about it, she said, until she was 16, when she saw a flyer at her school for the National Youth Theater, a British institution that has built a reputation for producing actors like Daniel Craig, Colin Firth and Helen Mirren. Pike auditioned, was accepted and spent the next two years performing with the group, eventually playing the heroine in Romeo and Juliet.

Her performance as Juliet won Pike an agent (who she is still with), a fact she kept quiet when she went to Oxford University. “I would secretly go to London to audition for things I mostly wouldn’t get, and wonder, ‘Is he going to give up on me?’” she said. Pike also acted at university — “a hotbed of opportunities to fail,” she said dryly.

She traveled for a bit after graduation, returning in time to audition for the Bond movie. “I was all shaggy haired, in a cardigan and old jeans,” she said. “I couldn’t have been less appropriate, but luckily they could see beyond that.” But although she was praised for her part in the movie — her first film role — Pike said it opened few doors.

She returned to stage work, performing in Terry Johnson’s Hitchcock Blonde at the Royal Court, which she described as a career highlight. Since then, however, she has mostly worked in film, and has been drawn to characters based on real-life figures, including Ruth Williams, the wife of Seretse Khama, the first president of Botswana, in A United Kingdom, Marie Colvin in A Private War and Marie Curie in Radioactive.

“She could have easily kept playing a beautiful blonde, the object of desire,” said Marjane Satrapi, the director of Radioactive. “That would have been easy for her, but instead she has taken on roles that are each more challenging than the other. She is an actress who is not scared of getting old, who thinks this is interesting.”

Pike said that studios rarely saw her as a comedian, but she showed she can be one in the recent BBC series State of the Union, for which she won an Emmy. “Perhaps people will notice now,” she said.

“Things are funny because they are true, and someone like Rosamund who plays so truthfully can be very funny,” said David Tennant, who co-starred with Pike in the British dramedy What We Did on our Holiday. For comedy, he added, “you need a lightness of touch, a deftness, you need to come to work with a bit of joy — all qualities that Rosamund has.”

It was 2014’s Gone Girl, though, that proved to be Pike’s breakthrough role. “It gave me the chance to learn more about screen acting than I ever had before,” she said. “I was allowed to show every part of being a woman — to be extreme, dangerous, sweet, compliant, vulnerable. It was the first I could achieve a freedom onscreen that I had only previously felt onstage.”

The character of Marla Grayson in I Care a Lot shares certain traits with Amy — notably the deployment of femininity as both a weapon and a performance — but Pike was slightly indignant at the suggestion that the characters were similar.

“I saw them as totally different,” she said. “I would never want to do a sub-Gone Girl. To me, Marla was more a shoot from the hip, think on your feet person.”

“It was important to us that this was fun for audiences and that the darkly comedic side was rooted in truth,” she added. “What are the values in America? What earns you respect? Money.”

She thought for a bit, then smiled: “Being able to relish and watch in appalled horror and glee — people like that.”

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Top Songs That Address Digital Addiction




Digital dependancy is somewhat frequent for the time being. Participants are spending time beyond regulation with their objects somewhat than taking part in healthy activities. You will safe loads allege material to bring consciousness amongst folks about this relate. These comprise video lectures, seminars, movies, tune, and so on.

Nonetheless, some folks assign away with this relate due to these programs and a few are restful struggling with it. Song is a big source of entertainment. But some artists or lyricists expend this tool to bellow their message to a scream neighborhood of oldsters. Even it’s miles an efficient formulation to manufacture so.

You will safe tune in completely different genres or classes. To luxuriate in your free time or to free up stress during work you may as well listen to tune. It is doubtless you’ll perchance perchance provide you with the option to expend it as a source of motivation for your self. Within the occasion you are going through a worrying time, then tune can provide you with some relief.

As a consequence of this fact, in this article, I will let fragment about a of the ultimate songs that take care of digital dependancy. I am determined about a of you are going to beget heard about a of these songs. But if you are going to have not, then it be critical to listen to these songs if you are going through Digital Addiction. To safe out about their lyrics, you may as well restful seek suggestion from LyricsGem.

What’s Digital Addiction and How Song Addresses it?

To start with, it be critical to cherish what digital dependancy is and the way in which it’s miles affecting our lives. Then you definately will reach to understand whether you are going through that relate or no longer. There is an immense collection of oldsters who are going through this relate but they usually are no longer unsleeping of that.

As a consequence of this fact, after finding out this article, I am determined they’ll monitor themselves and abet from that relate. Digital Addiction is a brand unusual but frequent relate and millions of oldsters are struggling with it. Even despite the fact that there is a smaller collection of oldsters who are taking it as a serious topic.

But it actually is a extremely concerning relate that we want to take care of. Because we changing into digital zombies and we manufacture no longer beget time for our households nor for ourselves. So, unconsciously, we’re animated in direction of destruction and that wants to be stopped as soon as imaginable.

So, there are such a large amount of of us who are alive to about humanity and so they are attempting their ultimate to take mark to folks. But this would possibly perhaps perchance perchance take loads time and celebrities can play a important role in bringing consciousness amongst the loads. Even despite the fact that it’s miles somewhat much but no longer refined to stare out.

Song is taken into consideration one of many ultimate sources to abet our minds. It helps us to free up stress and refresh our minds. Whether or no longer it’s miles deliberately or unintentionally, we listen to tune and lyrics carefully. So, it has a increased affect on our minds.

So, here is a list of the cease 5 songs that take care of digital dependancy. I am determined you are going to listen to these songs and compile some encouragement to assign away with digital dependancy. Because it’s miles keeping apart you and chopping off your social connections which would perhaps lead to mental illness.

Total Entertainment Continuously

Total Entertainment Continuously is a track that’s sung by Father John Misty. The singer is explaining the finest actuality of as of late’s world where everyone has freedom and plenty of entertainment sources. But that has isolated everyone from every other and we’re socially slash off from every other.

This track used to be launched in 2017 and it’s miles from the Pure Comedy album. Right here within the track, the singer is walking us through about a of the developed digital applied sciences which beget made our lives easy. But on the the same time, it has additionally some negative impacts on our lives.

Day after day Robots

Day after day Robotic is a track that someone can wager what it’s miles about and what the singer is making an strive to bellow. This track is sung by British Musician Damon Albarn. He metaphorically called us (Human) robots who are sparkling passing our time with these electronic objects.

In One Foot within the Grave track, Abandon Kansas calls us ineffective bodies. Even despite the fact that we’re animated and alive but our one foot is within the grave. Which way this life is meaningless where we’re no longer linked with our households and guests. This track used to be launched in 2015 and taken from the album Allegator.

We’re Needless

Existence is temporary and you are no longer here without a ruin in sight and would possibly perhaps perchance spend that time along with your loved ones individuals. Within the track We’re Needless, Francobollo is addressing an dependancy where folks spend most of their time on-line. Such folks are sparkling esteem ineffective bodies who spend most of their time on-line.

Digital Sea

Digital Sea is a track that’s sung by Thrice where he called the digital world a sea. Participants that are victims of digital dependancy had been drowned in that sea. So, the singer making an strive to convince folks to preserve far from spending most of them with these objects.


There is diminutive query that here’s a digital sea where folks are drowning themselves deliberately. So, it’s miles somewhat much to assign away with this relate as soon as your push your self deeper into that world.

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Sohum Shah: “Bheema Bharti has given me a lot of recognition and fame as an actor




In a short span of time, actor Sohum Shah has portrayed diversified keen characters, be it ‘Tumbbad’, ‘Ship Of Theseus’, ‘Talvar’, ‘Substantial Bull’ or ‘Simran’ amongst others. However the one keen role that in point of fact stood out by capacity of efficiency and recognition is Bheema Bharti from ‘Maharani’.

While Sohum walked away with gargantuan accolades for his effortless efficiency in Maharani season 1, he is all excited to buy the story ahead as Bheema by featuring in season 2 of the extremely-anticipated negate, which is willing to be launched quickly.

Even though it is no longer actually for actors to repeat their characters on-display cover, for the first time Sohum is taking half within the same personality every other time in Maharani Season 2. Talking about the same, the actor says, “The personality Bheema Bharti that I play in ‘Maharani 2’ has been envisioned and written in a technique that it gets an extension in season 2. I in actuality feel blessed to gain the many of portraying assorted and keen characters in every venture that I produce.”

“However in instances where I must repeat any personality, relish for instance my role Bheema in Maharani 2, I’m okay as it is miles relish taking the personality to the following degree and construct it gaze extra appealing and keen. Customarily, it gets tiresome since I must try sure characters, be it motion pictures or web sequence, but I’m in actuality excited to play Bheema Bharti as it has given me a gigantic selection of recognition and popularity as an actor,” Sohum adds.

Showcasing his versatility, Sohum had played a pair of and diversified roles and now he is all problem to comeback with Bheema Bharti in ‘Maharani 2’, which he has been taking pictures in assorted places. Moreover that, Sohum also has Reema Kagti’s ‘Fallen’ within the pipeline.

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FlyQuest’s Win Symbols New Janna Top Meta?




As you recognize, the meta of League of Legends changes with patches that come periodically. In season 12, the pinnacle lane become once in a strictly restrictive situation. Within the early stages of the game, teleporting become once a general practice for both casual and professional players. Nonetheless, this implies that the pinnacle lane players are almost motionless till the teleports come abet. Insurrection Games must catch belief that this field could likely simply silent change, because it greatly surprised all people by going by a mountainous meta change.

League of Legends continues to grow each and every year. In this implies, the enchancment of the game changes each and every year. In nowadays’s article, we can ogle the unusual Janna meta. Let’s salvage a undercover agent at our voice now with out losing critical time.

The spring season of the 2022 League of Legends Championship Collection (LCS) has correct begun. Within the 2d game of the season, FlyQuest’s top laner Kumo chose Smite to play in the pinnacle lane. And that oddly ample, it worked, serving to them take dangle of the match.

When you happen to devour to wager on Esports, we would devour to present you with a little tip here. Next time you make a LOL wager, protect in mind teams with fabulous Janna players to make utilize of this unusual tactic. Because after we explore at the statistics, the Janna Smite meta is no longer losing and looks very critical in the intervening time.

How Does Janna-Smite High Lane Work?

Within the unusual pre-season, Insurrection Games made two gigantic changes to the League of Legends meta that can likely affect how players play. The principle become once that the developers modified the teleport. Thus, players can easiest utilize their teleports to tp easiest Turrets in the first 14 minutes of the game. After the game progresses and former 14 minutes, players can dig the “Unleashed Teleport” characteristic that allows them to teleport in direction of minions, but here’s no longer very well-known. This field, clearly, fully restricts the pinnacle lane and reduces the affect of the pinnacle laner players in the game.

Within the frail meta, correct utilize of teleportation and summoner spells gave a broad gamble to rep ahead in the early game. Especially with the pinnacle lane’s teleport, sudden roams to the backside lane could likely change the direction of the match in an rapid. With the unusual meta, here’s fully over.

With this kind of broad gamble far flung from the game, top laners started to take into yarn unusual suggestions and actions. As a result, the Smite top meta kicked in.

High lane players could likely now be any place in draw of standing of their very maintain lane. The marvelous discontinuance looks to be stealing the opponent’s woodland farm and causing chaos in the match by making sudden raids.

Especially in the Twitch clip below, Lourlo’s wander by fully sacrificing his situation reveals the unusual meta. Whereas silent at diploma 1, he roams Akali in the mid lane and then flashes, taking Graves’s crimson buff and flash. And he does it all with Janna, a toughen champion.

Now we must impress that the Janna-Smite top meta in actuality feeds off, creating chaos. On a more micro-scale, the Smite top meta overlaps lots with Insurrection Games’ unusual mechanic called “map bounties.”

How Does the Janna-Smite Meta Replicate in Esports Fits?

Janna Smite top has change into the sequence of top laners with League of Legends Patch 12.2. Especially in the fits played at high elo, this meta looks to catch performed a take dangle of charge of 58.06. As we talked about at the starting of our article, FlyQuest crew player Kumo made this possibility in the LCS Spring season match in opposition to CLG.

This implies, the Janna Smite High meta would had been applied once in a serious Esport match. The match’s trot become once so confusing that CLG had the upper hand and reached the opponent’s Nexus towers within 30 minutes. The motive for this become once in actuality the Janna Smite High meta. Because Graves, the opponent’s top lane, become once on my own, he could likely with out disaster attain wherever he wanted and salvage the towers.

FlyQuest’s top laner Janna fed her teammates on account of her raid on the backside lane with Jungle in the early game and allowed them to connect an advantage rapid. Briefly, Janna become once all over the build the map for the duration of the match, continuously messing up and interfering with every thing. As a result, Janna had correct reached diploma 12 whereas the rival top laner become once diploma 16. And they also had been in a position to grab because FlyQuest’s assorted players had grown extremely solid.

Janna High pays off for @FlyQuest as they defeat CLG in precisely below fifty minutes! #LCS #FLYWIN

— LCS (@LCSOfficial) February 5, 2022

The Assorted Janna-Smite Case

Janna-Smite, played by Kumo, become once in actuality the first top laner rob in Esport fits. Dreedy, the pinnacle laner of the Barcelona Esport crew, played with Smite. Even supposing he left his crew in the abet of very carefully in the match he played, on account of the crew’s harmony and Janna’s return, they managed to grab the match in the 32nd minute. To this level, nobody has been in a position to beat Janna in Esports fits and high elo. We’ll doubtlessly explore more of the Janna-Smite High meta in the League of Legends Esports arena in the coming days.

How is Smite Janna Played in Challengers Elo?

When you happen to take into accout, we talked a pair of mechanic called “map bounties” at the starting of our article. That is Insurrection Games’ machine designed for teams that lost in the middle and unhurried game to make a comeback. This reward machine is mostly determined per the targets that both teams can develop. Nonetheless, turrets, dragons, Baron Nashor, or the Rift Herald could likely be the target of these rewards. That is precisely the build the Janna-Smite High meta works. Players in high elo are almost absent in the pinnacle lane, serving to to farm any mob on the map. In this implies, teammates rep stronger rapid and take dangle of the match.

Another yell for higher elo players to play higher games is positively the eDPI settings. When you happen to hope to learn mouse flee and eDPI settings, you may likely simply want to take a look at out the article from Thunderpick’s weblog. Because as you recognize, reflex=take dangle of in MOBA games. Instantaneous reactions to the opponent’s spells in the games and the utilize of abilities can infrequently change the match’s destiny. For this motive, high elo players, specifically Challengers, most regularly utilize personalized eDPI settings.

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