I thought acting was boring – Director Selvaragavan

Prime Video has released the trailer of the soon-to-be-released action-packed Tamil film ‘Sani Kayitham’ with a plot of revenge.

The return of Selvarajavan, who has gone from being a successful director to an actor, to co-starring with national award winning actress Keerthi Suresh, has created great anticipation among the fans. Selvaragavan, a well-known writer and director who has directed Tamil films like Pudupettai, 7G Rainbow Colony and Mayakkam Enna, plays the role of Sangaiya in the film.

Commenting on his performance, he said, “I have had a policy of not looking at time and not working since I was a director. When you are fully focused on the task at hand you never know when time will go by. Only after everything has gone according to my will will I realize that the time has come to back up. . This applies to all tasks. At first I thought acting would be boring. But it was about teaching so many things every day. I am thankful to Keerthi Suresh and Arun who patiently worked with me. ” said.

‘Sani Kaitham’ depicts the mind-boggling life journey of Ponni (Keerthi Suresh), a constable, living with her five-year-old daughter Dhana and her husband Mari, who works as a laborer in a rice mill. One unfortunate night, she loses everything. She enlists the support of Sangaiya (Selvaragavan) to avenge the injustice done to her. She shares her bitter past with him.

Produced under the banner of ScreenSean Media, ‘Sand Wound’ will be screened exclusively worldwide on May 6 on Prime Video. The film will be released in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu (under the name Chinni).

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