Is Clara Chia depressed? Sources say that Pique's girlfriend is not having a good time

Is Clara Chia depressed? Sources say that Pique’s girlfriend is not having a good time

While Shakira is enjoying the honey of fame that her new song has given her, sources close to Clara Chia, Gerard Pique ‘s girlfriend, assure that the 23-year-old is not having a good time.

And it is that less than a week after the premiere of the ’53 session’ in collaboration with Bizarrap , the Colombian has taken out all the courage that she had accumulated against the father of her children and her new partner.

What is a fact is that the former soccer player of Spanish origin has been seen to be quite calm, since he even presumes that the Kings League has become a sponsor of Casio watches.

However, that is not the case of his partner, who apparently has begun to resent what the stage star has launched, as it seems he has had to alter his life.

The young Kosmos worker has been accused since the beginning of the romance with the soccer player of having destroyed the family they built over 12 years with their children.

But for her part, the mother of Milan and Sasha has revealed how her song has been a resounding success, so she has not lost the opportunity to be the example of millions of women who go through infidelity.

Is Clara Chia having a very bad time with Shakira’s song?

It is worth mentioning that through her social networks, the 23-year-old blonde took a few moments to show that the singer’s new song has not affected her at any time.

Well, through her InstaStories, Pique’s girlfriend shared an emoji in the form of a yawn, but just a few moments later she decided to delete it from her account, because she did not want to leave any trace.

But now, sources close to the businessman ‘s new partner have assured that the young woman has begun to resent the ravages of the singer’s new song, and she would not be having a good time.

According to the Spanish journalist Miquel Blazquez spoke in a dialogue for Miter Live with Juan Etchegoyen, where they assured that the young woman is going through a delicate personal moment:

“She is having a very bad time with all this issue, she is very persecuted even if she is not to blame.”

According to her statements, the Kosmos intern had to change her routine these days and has taken refuge at her home in fear of a media siege from the press and even from the Colombian fans:

“There are different photographers and paparazzi chasing him at all times and in fact I’m telling you that she has stopped working at Pique’s company Kosmos, or rather, she has stopped going to the place, it is understood that she continues to work from home.”

On the other hand, they sentenced the attitude of the ex-soccer player of the Spanish team, since they assure that he has not protected her at any time, since what has happened with the song released by the mother of his children has been taken as a joke.

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