Lakshmi Hema – Bharathikannamma Today’s Full Episode Update

Bharathi Kannamma Episode Update 14.05.22: Bharathi Kannamma is a popular serial which is being aired on Vijay TV on Tamil logo screen. In today’s episode Ganesan is suffering from not knowing what to do then Bharathi comes out of the operation theater and in ten more minutes the operation is over and George brings the heart. Chopper says he can not see through the road to say that I have tried to ask if you have made arrangements for this, he says he still has to talk to say nothing more.

Seeing this, Kannamma came and asked if the operation was over. Bharti, what are we talking about? Come and ask what you are asking. Do you know if there is a reason? Do you know? Nate decides the alternative is definitely one and talks to everyone and says everything is ready.

As soon as Ganesan speaks to you, an ambulance arrives at the hospital ready to tell you if everything is going to happen or not. Bharathi then told reporters that police officers were on hand to help take the heart to Chennai in an hour and a half via the road where the operation would end in ten minutes.

Bharti gets angry when journalists raise negative questions as to whether all this is possible and says that only then will something good happen. Then Bharathi, who went inside to say that the heavy operation was over, takes his heart and comes to the ambulance.

Kannamma also tried to get into the ambulance then Ganesan where to draw What is this Town Passa? I did not tell him to catch the bus and leave the nurse who was also Titti Kannamma left here. When Hema saw this on TV, Kankalangi cried as if she had left Lakshmi’s mother there.

Vikram Ganesan is angry as to what it means if they leave everything as it is to make all the arrangements. Then Bharathi calls Vikram and tells him to take the power we are coming to to the Operation Theater and then Vikram makes arrangements for it.

The ambulance is speeding towards Chennai at a speed of 140 kmph. Bharati also travels in exciting thought. With this, today’s Bharathikannamma serial episode ends.

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