Lift Tamil Movie Cast: Lift Tamil movie review, story, rating and more

Lift Tamil Movie Cast: Lift Tamil movie review, story, rating and more

Lift Tamil Movie Cast: Lift Tamil movie review, story, rating, and more: It seems like Tamil cinema is one of the best industries when we talk about innovative ideas and new stories, Meet with Lift Tamil Movie Cast Members the industry is filled with talented people and they are3e trying to get better and better with the kind of stories which are being shown in the Tamil industry, they are truly a genuine industry.

Lift Tamil Movie Cast

When it comes to horror films, Tamil has not given up on them and they are coming up with bright ideas to make things interesting for the audiences and in this article, we are going to be talking about the movie Lift which did try to live up to the expectation in some parts of the movie.

  1. Gayathri Reddy as Tara
  2. Kiran Konda as Sundar
  3. Amritha Iyer as Harini
  4. Balaji Venugopal as Vice President of AMRAK
  5. Kavin as Guruprasad “Guru”

If we talk right from the word go, the intention of the director is very clear, Vineeth Varaprasad has made it clear in the movie that his intention was to deliver jump scares throughout the movie more than focusing on the core idea of the world which he has created.

Lift Tamil Movie Review

He succeeded in creating chills here and there but the story seems to be all over the place, the director has taken his own time to get into the story, even halfway through the film and the plot of the movie wasn’t clear which is something unusual, he had focused too much on the core idea of getting people with a jumpscare but he lost the main plot of keeping the story interesting.

The biggest strength of the film has been Kavin and it has been a promising comeback for the actor, he has delivered a subtle performance and he has gone on to make his character’s struggle believable in most parts, Amritha Aiyer is looking fresh in the film and her performance has been worth mentioning.

She has tried to add and bring more life into the character by her acting skills and she has done a wonderful job complimenting the protagonist in the movie, the idea of the director to bring out IT professionals and show their struggles with the management is laudable, the film shines in some parts but overall it wasn’t something phenomenal, they should have worked on better writing.

The movie is watchable if you are into jumpscares and adrenaline rush, if you are going to be watching it for the story then it is not going to work out for you. In our opinion the movie was a nice attempt to show something different but it was not the best implementation.

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