Mega hero into the field for distributors

The huge movie `Acharya` released amid huge expectations. The film comes after a gap of two years from megastar Chiranjeevi. Mega power star Ram Charan along with Megastar also starred in it and the fans celebrated Double Dhamaka. Celebrations have begun, pushing for a blockbuster hit guarantee. Star director Koratala Sivakunna is happy that he is definitely going to deliver another blockbuster hit in view of his track record.

But Sean Rivers. None of what was expected happened. The result was a massive disaster. Despite the failure of the star director to have two star heroes, the lack of content as expected has become a curse for the film. With this, it did not remain the blockbuster that the fans wanted and could not stand on average. With this, the film had to suffer huge losses on an unexpected level.

Buyers and exhibitors put huge rates on the film, with Dhima claiming to be Chiru Charan. However, the film did not do as well as expected and the film had to run into 80 per cent losses due to the anti-fan disaster advertised on social media. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Against this backdrop, the producer-director Koratala Shiva has already stepped into the arena to protect the distributors and exhibitors from the huge losses of the movie.

Exhibitors do not pay back to distributors a portion of the amount taken. Now came the turn of the heroes. Charan is currently busy shooting for Shankar’s movie and has gone to the US exclusively with megastar Chiranjeevi’s family for a vacation. He is coming back to Hyderabad in the first week of June. Acharya wants to settle with the distributors as soon as he arrives. Because of this, Chiru wants to make sure that the next generation of films do not get in trouble.

Similarly, Ram Charan also wants to support distributors. It seems that Charan has already promised this to many distributors. Soon we are going to do our part to help them all together exclusively. How much Chiru Charan will care for distributors who have suffered 80 per cent losses has now become a major debate in the industry. How much money is Chiru Charan going to give back? .. How many distributors? Inside talk is that it will come to a colic soon.

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