Movie Review: Government Their Song

Movie Review: Government Their Song

Cast: Mahesh Babu-Kirti Suresh-Samudrakhani-Nadia-Vennela Kishore-Subbaraju-Tanikella Bharani-Nagababu etc.
Music: Taman
Photography: Madi
Producers: Naveen Erneni-Ravishankar-Ram Achanta-Gopichand Achanta
Written and directed by: Parashuram

My name is Bharat .. Maharshi .. The new movie ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’ is from superstar Mahesh Babu who is on a good swing after hitting a hat trick with some of your films. The film was made by Parashuram, a young director who had the biggest success of his career with ‘Geetha Govindam’. Taman, who is in super form, composed the music for the film, which was co-produced by two big banners like Maitree Movie Makers-14 Reels Plus. The movie has aroused interest from the title announcement .. It has further raised the expectations with the trailer. How did ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’, which came out to the audience today, live up to those expectations .. Did Mahesh embark on a double hat trick .. Did Parashuram take advantage of the big opportunity he got .. Let us know the answer to these questions.


Mahesh (Mahesh Babu) is a boy who lost his parents at an early age and became an orphan. Seeing his parents committing suicide by not being able to pay the bank loan .. aiming to be in a position to lend instead of being in a position to borrow .. he went to the US to study accordingly and set up a finance company there and grow to a good level. However, Mahesh, who is very strict in lending and getting installments, turns down the case of Kalavati (Kirti Suresh) who borrowed money from Jalsa for his education. He falls in love with her and wants to get married too. But then he realizes his true nature and settles down. He goes to India to collect the debt from her father Rajendranath (Samudrakhani). Once there, it is revealed that Mahesh still has a big goal. What is that goal .. the rest of the story is where he went for it.


All of our star heroes mostly vote for larger than life story-characters. They are also what the majority of the audience expects from them. If the stories run in a realistic perspective around a small incident they will not become so much to the audience. Star hero Annaka should look huge throughout the affair as well. The thing that leads to a conflict between villain-hero also has to be very big. But in ‘Government Their Song’ that thing seems to be very ‘short’. The heroine returns to India after giving up all the tens of thousands of dollars (Rs. 7.7 lakhs in our rupees) to collect. Here are her travel expenses .. The heroine took thousands of dollars after the first loan .. Thousands of dollars to leave all this and sit down to want only ten thousand dollars. Comedy between hero and heroines .. As long as this debt affair is used for romance, ‘Government is their song’ seems to be fun and engages but .. Using the same ten thousand dollar affair with the villain for the hero conflict .. It seems silly to drive your own story forward. Even if the story turns out to be a debt of ten thousand crores later .. the hero has nothing to do with the affair. If the hero bleeds a target that is not his own .. and collides with the villain, there will not be much emotion in it. Even if it is a workout till comedy .. even if it entertains the fans till Mahesh .. even if the commercial touches it well .. it is a story that does not touch the mind .. a story that is not engaged .. they have turned ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’ into a simple movie.

Owaipu big businessmen are evading thousands of crores and fleeing abroad. On the other hand, if you take a loan of Rs 1 lakh and do not pay the EMI for two months, the bank will fall on you. Against the backdrop of these two contradictions, director Parashuram weaves the story of ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’. In fact it seems contemporary .. a point that everyone relates to. It’s a good idea to write a story in this context but .. the story is as interesting as I thought .. he could not train the audience to be emotionally connected. Especially for the character of the hero .. could not tie properly to this plot point. None of the films in which the hero bled his own vengeance appear to have played properly. The same problem is with ‘Government is their song’. Except for the silly affair of tens of thousands of dollars mentioned above .. the hero has no big feud with the villain. He is not directly bothered by the villain. The policy of the hero is to go wherever the debt is taken and collect it. So the heroine who borrowed from the hero will be there. Then he comes to India saying that her father said something on the phone without settling with her. He’s going after him for ten thousand dollars .. He’s sending a rowdy on the hero .. He’s telling them to mind .. This is a confusing ‘government song’ that the audience does not understand what they are watching .. The ten thousand crore bank loan that the villain has to pay comes and stops.

Seeing this twist, it seems that the hero left America for India with some big goal .. There is a different story behind this. But in the middle it is revealed later that he has come to target the villain after learning about the damage done to a person who is not related to him. Where is the emotion in the audience when the hero enters the field to make up for the loss of a person who is not even acquainted with someone like this? Starting the movie with fun .. the hero and heroine also entertained the track .. the director Parashuram who was well engaged up to a stage .. missed the track from where the story took a serious turn. The way the story actually took a turn was made in such a way that the audience could not connect at all. The scenes come from here. Are lost.

Challenges between hero-villain .. heights upon heights .. running. But nowhere do the storylines run so emotionally connected. In the second half, the heroine enters the field again and tries to cultivate some comedy. Seen separately, the scenes are fun, but in a serious story, they look like stones under the tooth. That does not mean that the serious story is going to be engaging. The villain character is scorned from the beginning .. At no stage did his fight with the hero tie the knot. Engaged up to a few scenes that elevate heroism .. but the storylines are a bit watered down. In the second half the hero ‘classes’ get too much and get bored. The climax, however, was more generally made and further reduced the film graph. Overall, some comedy scenes in Fastoff .. Mahesh’s performance .. Apart from the fan moments, there is no big deal in ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’. It’s okay to time pass something like that but .. it’s hard to expect more.


Mahesh .. Pokiri .. Khaleja .. who has done serious characters in a row, will entertain the fans by playing a riotous role by bringing out the comedy timing in him, reminding him of the aggressive days. Although there are some serious shades .. Mahi character is mostly jovial. The highlight of the episode was Mahesh’s comedy film in the first half. The same is true of Major Relief. Mahesh seemed okay in the emotional scenes. He was as impressive as ever in terms of looks. Kirti Suresh looks a bit yummy compared to past movies. His acting went well. Samudrakhani in the role of the villain has done nothing special. He seemed very normal as his character became apparent from the beginning. Moonlight Kishore has done countless such roles. His comedy is okay. Nadia. Nagababu seemed okay in small roles. Subbaraju .. Tanikella Bharani did well.

Technical Category:

Taman does not seem to have given music below his level in his current form. Although the art song seems special .. the rest is not on that level. Audiences expect even more from him in terms of background music. He also seems to have given Battey RR strength in the scenes as the dough turned into bread. Madi photography is one of the major highlights in the film. His visuals are the reason why the film looks so colorful. The film was co-produced by two big companies like Maitree-14 Reels Plus so there was no compromise anywhere in terms of production values. Writer cum director Parashuram .. could not use the big opportunity he got. Presenting Mahesh in a fun role again .. He impressed till he generated fun in the first half. The plot point he chose was good .. he could not weave the stories around it properly. Ignoring the logic .. without the emotional connection usually dragged the movie.

Finally: Government is their song .. Power reduced game

Rating- 2.25 / 5

Disclaimer: This Review is Just An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theater

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