Pawan looks forward to Mahesh villain !!

Samudrakani, who played the villain in Sarkar’s song movie Sarkar, who came on screen today as Mahesh Babu’s hero, became full busy in Tollywood. He is well known not only as a villain but also as a character artist and has been very busy as an actor in Telugu and Tamil. Samudrakani, who was basically a director, is now so busy as an actor that he does not have time to direct.

Telsinde is all set for a Telugu remake of the hit Tamil film Vinodayya Sittam directed by him. Under the supervision of Trivikram, Burra Sai Madhav has prepared a remake script for Pawan Kalyan. The film is expected to be released in May or June as the script is almost ready.

Director Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan also thought that it would be better to direct Samudrakani for this remake. That is why he is waiting for his arrival. Committed to several films in Telugu and Tamil, Samudrakani has been busy with a series of films till August.

When asked to direct a remake, he said he was busy saying no.

It seems that Pawan Kalyan is waiting for Samudrakani. On the other hand, Hari Hara Veeramallu is nearing the end of shooting. So news is coming that Pawan Kalyan is planning to do a remake of Vinodaya Sittam and Bhavadiyudu Bhagat Singh movies directed by Harish Shankar at the same time.

Samudrakani wants to adjust the dates and start the film with Pawan Kalyan in July or August. Until then, there are chances that Pawan will also wait. If the directors and producers are waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s dates on a large scale, then there are comments coming from industry circles that Pawan Kalyan’s waiting for Samudrakani dates is ridiculous.

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