Point Of View: The Joker Sequel Is A Terrible Idea
Point Of View: The Joker Sequel Is A Terrible Idea

Point Of View: The Joker Sequel Is A Terrible Idea

Fans enjoy the suggestion of Todd Phillips’ Joker follow up, but it’s really a poor idea. Here’s why a Joker: Folie à Deux will break Joker’s primary style.

The business has never ever truly been able to imitate the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s success on massive tasks. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was the benchmark for the superhero style for a years, and Matt Reeves’ The Batman appears to be on the roadway to comparable fame.

The DC motion picture that fans have been speaking around lately is Todd Phillips’ Joker. When it was launched in 2019, it promptly came to be the highest-grossing R-rated movie in history, and fans were insistent on a sequel. Since then, there have actually been rumblings as well as rumors, yet followers were elated when Phillips announced that Joker: Folie à Deux was mosting likely to occur. The thing is, a Joker follow up is an awful idea.

Joker was an undisputed success– with movie critics, with followers and at package workplace. Nevertheless, there’s a massive problem with the entire principle of a round two. As an apart, follows up are rarely as good as the original, particularly when fans are really expecting them. More often than not, the end product doesn’t come up to the hype, and also everyone is let down. That’s not also the point.

The genuine trouble with a Joker sequel is that it violates the dominant motif that Philips developed in the initial. The whole point of the flick was that, with the right scenarios, culture can transform anyone into the “Joker.” Therefore, Arthur Fleck becoming a proto-Joker was a picture of how society often neglects the bad, the powerless as well as the mentally ill. In that feeling, Arthur was the “Joker” in his film, but he wasn’t “The Joker” that would certainly take place to face Batman. He was an Everyman who influenced people to withstand society, fascism as well as the system as a whole.

The film literally finishes with a crowd commemorating the uncertainty as well as universality of everyone being Jokers. Once more, the factor was that any person as well as every person could become the Joker– nearly like a Spartacus minute.

For a sequel to take place, that obscurity will have to finish due to the fact that it would certainly be unusual for a flick to focus on a crowd of Jokers. Arthur will certainly have to embrace a feeling of company as well as accept that he’s come to be a role model and also innovator. While that can function, it feels out of line with his character, and also it’s absolutely in contrast to the original’s theme.

This isn’t always saying that Todd Phillips shouldn’t make Joker: Folie à Deux. It’s just stating that the follow up will certainly have to be a lot different from the original. Maybe fans will certainly like that, as well as offered the success of Joker, there’s no question that a great deal of people will certainly want to see the follow up. Nevertheless, be warned that modification is coming, and in the long run, it might be far better to have avoided a Joker follow up. After all, it’s always better to leave followers wanting a lot more.

Joker: Folie à Deux does not have a release day.

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