SSSS Gridman Is a huge Transformers Homage
SSSS Gridman Is a huge Transformers Homage

SSSS Gridman Is a huge Transformers Homage

SSSS. Gridman was a reboot of a timeless tokusatsu, yet its personality layouts were remixes of a twisted take on the Transformers franchise.

The Transformers are just as much anime celebrities as they are Western cartoon characters, arguably owing their existence even more to Japan than even America. The last mainstream Transformers anime series was Transformers: Cybertron, a.k.a. Galaxy Force, which finished the Unicron Trilogy of shows. Ever since, the robotics in disguise have not only been in numerous Western animes but likewise in another anime that’s completely unconnected to them.

SSSS. Gridman was a reboot of a traditional ’90s tokusatsu program, however it additionally hid numerous referrals to a preferred alternative universe of Cybertronians. Some of these references are incredibly unknown, others are as out in the open as Unicron’s incorporeal head. Here’s just how the developers of Gridman concealed the Transformers in their most shocking alternate modes yet.

SSSS. Gridman Homages Transformers: Shattered Glass

Gridman, which totally restarted the Tsuburaya Productions show Denkou Choujin Gridman. Fittingly, many of the styles from the collection draw not just from the original Gridman but additionally from various other imaginary robotics.

A lot of the characters in the brand-new Gridman had design elements that referenced Transformers from the mirror world of Shattered Glass. This subseries of the Transformers franchise sees the Autobots end up being the villainous faction, whereas the Decepticons wage their fight to destroy their wicked pressures. Sho Itsumi has clothing looking like the color scheme and also design of Shattered Glass Sideswipe, while Rikka Takarada rather appears like the brave Shattered Glass Megatron. Akane Shinjo has the very same color design as that world’s evil Optimus Prime, with her headphones making the resemblance even more powerful.

Hass resembles the Shattered Glass Soundwave, with her face mask appearing like his own white faceplate. Most interestingly, her stole has a picture of a white pet cat as well as the text “Ravage,” additionally homaging the brave Shattered Glass jaguar robotic. Various other homages include Yuta Hibiki wearing shoes that are basically the vehicle mode of Classics Cliffjumper. Even the Grimlock of the live-action Transformers motion pictures influences several of the styles, and the situation eventually came cycle.

The Character Designer of Gridman Loves Transformers

The aforementioned Masaru Sakamoto is a big fan of Transformers, which describes why he would certainly resort to it for design affects when working on Gridman. Still, utilizing the Shattered Glass universe is a bit strange, although it may have been done to keep the Easter Eggs unnoticed beyond one of the most discerning and also hardcore followers such as himself. He later on did principle art for a Flame Toys figure of Lio Convoy– a Japanese Transformer from the anime Transformers: Beast Wars II.

He additionally worked on the Generations Select Special Comic, where recommendations to Gridman were consisted of. This formally joined the Gridman and also Transformers franchises in a circle as round as Cybertron, all thanks to one man’s fandom.

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