Star Wars Shadow of the Sith Revealed Lando’s Awful Tie to Rey’s Parents
Star Wars Shadow of the Sith Revealed Lando’s Awful Tie to Rey’s Parents

Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith Revealed Lando’s Awful Tie to Rey’s Parents

Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith revealed Lando Calrissian had a really unfortunate tie to Rey’s moms and dads all along, way before The Rise of Skywalker.

In the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian waited until The Rise of Skywalker to make an appearnce. While it felt like Lando was an unfamiliar person, Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith validated he unwittingly had an unfortunate connection to Rey and her parents.

In this novel from Adam Christopher, Lando captured wind of Ochi of Bestoon rounding up ragtag hunters to go after a girl and also her household, leaving him excited to interfere because he assumed it was a contraband ring. He wished this would lead him to his youngster, who got taken when she was 2. Lando also hired Luke after the Jedi Master found hints connecting Ochi’s pursuit to a Sith cult called the Acolytes of the Beyond.

They traveled across the galaxy, ultimately discovering the family members at a mining swarm called Nightside in the Therazar system. Nevertheless, all Lando might do was fire from afar to help the family jump into Ochi’s re-wired ship to flee. Little did Lando know that he was conserving the ultimate savior of the galaxy and her moms and dads.

Fate dealt every person a heartbreaking hand at the end of the book when Luke went off on his own Sith looking mission. When Ochi reached Jakku, he eliminated Rey’s moms and dads after an interrogation, much like The Rise of Skywalker revealed. Nevertheless, Ochi found false clues from a band that made him think they left the lady on Pasaana. He sped up off, tossing team participants he eliminated as well as a crate including Rey’s moms and dads into space.

When Lando’s ship, the Night Herald, obtained over to the celebrity system, he located the corpses. Lando, R2-D2, a returned Luke as well as an Acolyte defector, Komat, made their graves on the icy world known as Neftali.

Nonetheless, in spite of the touching moment, Lando broke down, determined the girl was around. He could not accept loss because it advised him of exactly how he quit hope sometimes his own child lived. And while Luke and also Komat had their uncertainties, they recognized just how much it suggested to discover both ladies, so they vowed to proceed the search as soon as Lando spent some time and also recouped on Komat’s homeworld of Polaar. Luke had no suggestion that they were currently mentally linked to a Rey, who ‘d aid reboot the Jedi Order after he mentored her.

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