‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2: What We Know About the Netflix Show’s Future

‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2: What We Know About the Netflix Show’s Future

‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2: What We Know About the Netflix Show’s Future

Those who have taken a (virtual) trip to Serenity will never want to leave it – at least that’s how Sweet Magnolias fans feel. The Netflix show received a lot of positive press after it premiered in May. It has feel-good vibes, family-friendly storylines, and charming small-town characters that have made it a hit. Netflix confirmed that season 2 would begin weeks after the dramatic cliffhanger ending. Sweet Magnolias will return in Season 2 – but details are few and far between.

When is the Sweet Magnolias season 2 release date?

It’s back for another season of Sweet Magnolias! Netflix announced in mid-March that season 2 would be released in 2022, over a year after its release in 2018.

Cast members have teased fans with photos on Instagram, teasing what’s to come in the new season. According to Joanna Garcia Swisher on Instagram, she doesn’t have any spoilers, but she assures fans it will be worth the wait if she did.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2: What We Know About the Netflix Show’s Future

What are the cast’s thoughts on season 2?

Netflix announced its second season shortly after, and JoAnna, who plays Maddie, teased that season 2 will have “hope, comfort, drama, and goodness.”

Netflix broke the news of season 2 long before the cast of Sweet Magnolias talked about it. Heather Headley, who plays Helen, explained what she hopes to see in the coming season during an interview with The Sun: “I think it sets it up for season 2 for [viewers] to find out ‘Why did you go away, why are you back, what’s happening, why is he here, why is she here?’ That kind of thing. I hope the world allows us to have a season 2.”

Actor Chris Klein was hopeful for a second chance after Bill’s bombshell in the season 1 finale episode. Before Netflix’s announcement, Dan Paulson told The Sun: “I believe that it was always our goal to continue after season 1.” In my selfish desire to see what becomes of Bill Townsend, I am hoping we get that opportunity.”.

How will the second season be structured?

Adding another season to Sweet Magnolias will provide more insight into Kyle’s situation after the car accident, as well as who else was in the car with him. We’re likely to find out: Will Maddie take Bill back? Will Bill take Maddie back? Isaac’s parents are who he was born to? Erik and Helen, can there be any hope? What are the chances of Ty and Annie getting together in the future? Does Noreen remain in the picture?

JoAnna plans to stir up even more drama with Maddie’s new boyfriend, Cal, following the show’s current concerns. “I would like to see that journey and see that honest moment for her to let the dust settle,” JoAnna told AfterBuzzTV.

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