Tadap Social Media Review: Will Ahan Shetty-Tara Sutaria’s Flick Win Over The Viewers Heart?

Tadap Social Media Review: Will Ahan Shetty-Tara Sutaria’s Flick Win Over The Viewers Heart?

Ahan Shetty, the Bollywood superstar, has a momentous day ahead of him! With Milan Luthria’s Tadap, which has just premiered in theatres all across the country, he is taking his maiden step into the movie business. Tara Sutaria plays Ahan’s lead actress in the film, which is an adapted version of Kartikeya Gummakonda-Payal Rajput’s Telugu superhit RX 100.

Ishaana (Ahan Shetty), the proprietor of a movie theatre, falls completely in love with Ramissa (Tara Sutaria), the daughter of a minister, in the film. In a stunning twist, Ramissa is parted from Ishaana and awaits her return, igniting violence in the meantime.

While the movie’s trailer and songs were successful in creating significant anticipation for the flick, did Ahan’s first film wow the internet?

Scored a century on debut…filled with exciting stroke play. Well played, Ahan Shetty. A star is born. May you have a long and fulfilling career.


#Tadap #AhanShetty pic.twitter.com/Ks9CIroyJA

— Parm (@paya85584254) December 2, 2021

#AhanShetty #TadapReview #TadapInCinemas #TadapReview #TadapInCinemasToday

Don’t miss this movie, a movie you will love, #Ahan shines with #Tadap on Bolly Wood! do not miss it! pic.twitter.com/nzdTokeTBJ

— Sahil (@Sahil37201946) December 3, 2021

A user mentioned that the movie is an Intense love drama with an average first half and a strong second half, culminating in an exciting climactic surprise. Another user said that ”

Ahan Shetty makes a strong debut, excelling in both action and emotional situations. MilanLuthria’s direction is excellent, while RajatArora’s screenplay is adequate.” A user said, “I just finished seeing Tadap and I’m not sure what to say.”

Pyaar ki Tadap…

Wanna go and watch this movie one more time in theatre ❤️😍

Idol @SunielVShetty sir…

Ahan sir ne aag laga di movie mein🔥…

Love this movie#AhanShetty baba #Tadap @SunielVShetty sir #TadapInCinemas #TadapReview #TadapInCinemasToday #TadapHousefull pic.twitter.com/SKAw51Gzea

— Ritik yadav (@ritikyadav9548) December 3, 2021

Another mentioned “Given that it is based on someone’s life, I am feeling numb. I’m not sure if I like TaraSutaria’s character (Ramisa). I really liked Ahan Shetty’s portrayal of Ishaana in his various colors. There are some scenes that will make you cry!” According to the early buzz, Ahan Shetty appears to be off to a bright star in Bollywood.” “Don’t miss this film, it’s one you’ll enjoy, and #Ahan excels in it.”, a user exclaimed.

#TadapReview 🌟🌟🌟💫 #AhanShetty on his debut film deliver brilliant performance & #TaraSutaria is as good as always.

Congratulations @AhanShetty & @TaraSutaria for this success.💐❤️#TadapInCinemasToday 🏍️❤️ pic.twitter.com/CFSZX9oQs1

— Abhijeet Bhardwaj 🇮🇳 (@srkian_abhijeet) December 3, 2021

REVIEW: #Tadap #TadapReview

And the ACTION HERO #AhanShetty arrives. What an ANGAAR film. STRONG Debut.😍🔥😎🚬@TaraSutaria banda pyaar kare ya nafrat!❤

Love+Romance+Comedy+Action+Drama. All in 1. Your tadap for watching this film will be PAISA VASOOL.💥💥💥

RATING: 4*/5 ⭐ pic.twitter.com/BDp1uok6ib

— maadalaadlahere (@maadalaadlahere) December 3, 2021

“The chemistry between Tara Sutaria and Ahan Shetty was generally well-received. While Tara’s performance has received little attention on social media, Ahan is gaining popularity.”, another fan exclaimed.

“I’d like to see this movie in the theatre one more time”, “What an ANGAAR movie this is. A strong start”, said others.

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“Ahan gave a fantastic performance in his debut picture, while TaraSutaria is just as good as she always is.”, claimed another user.

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