The Beginner’s Guide to UFC betting

The Beginner’s Guide to UFC betting

The UFC has quickly garnished a reputation of being the world’s premier Mixed Martial Arts promotion that offers fans the very best fighters on the planet featured at some of the globe’s most famous venues which have transpired into numerous betting markets since the promotion’s inception back in 1993.

MMA is one of the world’s younger sports that has since catapulted into a frequently watched event across the globe due to its combination of fighters from a range of combat sports including boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, karate, grappling, and kickboxing among others.

This range of fighters with a combination of differentiating fighting styles has helped ensure that the sport of MMA would be catapulted into the stratosphere of popularity among sports fans with a number of fighting promotions now being established to present upcoming MMA fights.

While PRIDE was considered to be the best MMA promotion on the planet for a large amount of time, the Ultimate Fighter Championship (or UFC) has since become the premier destination for all MMA fans and in doing so has attracted the biggest names available in the world of combat sports as well as establishing an assortment of superstar caliber names that have further improved the sports wider popularity.

Much like the sport itself, the UFC is still a very young promotion but given that it has offered fans some of the best fighting action as well as excellent mainstream fight series such as The Ultimate Fighter, it has since left the UFC as a bookies favorite in the ever-fluctuated gambling markets.

Nowadays, almost every betting market is now presenting the latest odds available in the UFC, meaning that any fighting fans who are considering placing bets for the upcoming bouts should remain aware of what’s at stake in the current markets and what are the viable options when betting on a UFC fight.

The importance of understanding the background of the UFC and its fighters.

Fans who are considering placing any bets on an upcoming UFC bout should remain aware of the rules and stipulations that are in place when a fight is in operation, with a basic breach of any of these rules having major repercussions for the outcome of the bet, for example, a fighter could have points deducted or even be disqualified if the referee spots an illegal move such as an eye poke or a shot below the belt.

Should a fighter break any of these rules then as stated the referee will likely take a point off the judges’ scorecard after an initial warning with any further blows forcing a disqualification meaning that fans must stay aware of any fighters that they are planning on placing bets on and being assured of their history of breaching any rules in prior fights?

Another major issue with most UFC bets is that fans may often wager for fighters just for their namesake as the UFC has been able to establish multiple names who have risen to superstardom such as Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, and while these names are incredibly talented and may have gained their superstar reputation from multiple victories, fans should be sure to take into consideration on the opponent they are facing and whether there is a strong possibility that they could cause a major upset.

Ronda Rousey is a name that many have come to know and given that she was a superstar name for the sport during her tenure with the UFC, fans still doubted a number of her opponents including Holly Holm who famously knocked Rousey out at UFC 193 which lost her the title and her undefeated streak.

Even years later when Rousey returned to the Octagon at UFC 207, the promotion and many media outlets only promoted her return instead of her challenger Amanda Nunes who in turn ended up finishing Rousey early in the fight and has since become arguably the greatest female fighter to ever live.

Moments like this highlight the importance of understanding the UFC as a promotion and the fighters on hand before considering favoring a fighter just for their media following when placing any wagers upon the multiple UFC betting odds outlets.

As the UFC’s popularity has continued to grow in the past few decades, so to has its interest in the betting markets as a wide number of sportsbooks now offer a range of available odds and live updates for any upcoming bouts in the promotion.

The UFC and MMA as a whole is often a tough sport to predict given the number of upsets that can happen and the various outcomes that are available, but should fan be able to predict a correct outcome then the reward will most certainly outweigh the risk.

Fans will usually tune in for the monthly pay-per-views that are often broadcasted with the biggest up-and-coming event being UFC 269 as Lightweight champion Charles Oliveria squares off against Dustin Poirier in a highly engrossing encounter following on from Poirier’s climactic victory over Conor McGregor in July.

The aforementioned Amanda Nunes will also be back in action as she defends her Bantamweight championship against Julianna Pena with fan favorites Cody Garbrandt and Sean O’Malley also in action.

It should be a sublime night for UFC action but one that fans in the betting department must remain aware of the likely odds and competitors in action as even the most illustrious fighters can still end an evening staring up towards the lights while Bruce Buffer announces the winner and a new champion.

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