The Boys' latest Target Will Be Harder to Kill Than Homelander
The Boys' latest Target Will Be Harder to Kill Than Homelander

The Boys’ latest Target Will Be Harder to Kill Than Homelander

The harrowing Season 3 finale of The Boys simply gave Billy Butcher and his team a brand-new vicious target who’ll be more challenging to eliminate than Homelander.

In Season 3 of The Boys, Billy Butcher and also Hughie damaged their code to try to eliminate Homelander. They powered up thanks to Compound V24, agitating their own inner-circle. To top it off, they hired Soldier Boy to murder Homelander, yet that plan backfired when Soldier Boy ended up being a loosened canon.

Regrettably, the ending brought about Billy and co. trying to take Soldier Boy down rather, recognizing he was the most awful of the two evils. In the wake, a short-lived peacetime was accomplished with Homelander, however points gotten worse ultimately when a brand-new target emerged for Team Butcher. This villain will be a whole lot much more hard to eliminate than the high-handed Superman.

It’s Victoria Neuman, the traitor who switched sides to Team Homelander. Hughie collaborated with her at the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, yet soon discovered she wasn’t anti-supe– she was in fact a killer herself, with the capacity to make people’s heads blow up. Victoria was ending political challengers, wishing to climb her means up the ladder.

Shockingly, Victoria obtained Stan discharged, therefore impressing Homelander. Due to this act, Homelander settled her large time in the finale.

He had The Deep kill Lamar Bishop, the running companion of Robert Singer, that’s been functioning Vought as his very own political backer. All these dominoes overturned to create a painful scene where the information revealed Victoria was now mosting likely to be the brand-new VP prospect with Robert, leaving Team Butcher stressed over America’s future. They know Homelander is a nationalist, yet still, Vought’s been kept at bay due to the federal government, at least until now.

She might quickly take Robert out too, coming to be Homelander’s creature head of state and also then getting rid of opponents such as the CIA. Seeing as Homelander was a celebrity constantly in public, he was more obtainable, yet Victoria’s guard will certainly be unlike any kind of other.

If the show does time-jump and also have her in federal government, Victoria may begin running her own experiments utilizing her Vought alliance, enabling her to weaken the population to ensure the masses left are those that buy into her closet. What’s intriguing is Homelander may be making a beast also he will not be able to control, because admittedly, Victoria’s the kind of person to construct tools against him to consolidate power for herself. Eventually, though, Team Butcher can’t wait for a potential civil war between them– they require to strike ASAP to ensure Victoria’s preceded she can do damage to the population or make America a war country, with or without Homelander at her side.

All three seasons of The Boys are available on Prime Video.

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