The Flash Killed Eobard Thawne Permanently - and also It's For The Best
The Flash Killed Eobard Thawne Permanently - and also It's For The Best

The Flash Killed Eobard Thawne Permanently – and also It’s For The Best

The lengthy background of Eobard Thawne fighting the Flash ended with their critical Season 8 finale fight, as well as the CW collection is better off without him.

The Season 8 ending of The Flash saw the return of the lawless version of the Reverse-Flash, played by Tom Cavanagh. The Negative Forces turbo charged the original Eobard Thawne and set him loose on Central City to inflict god-like mayhem and damage.

The fight between both speedsters had actually been woven into the textile of the show since Season 1 with the disclose of Harrison Wells being Eobard Thawne and the Reverse-Flash; dishonesties, hatred and heartbreak have plagued both personalities given that, sealing their struggle as each other’s bane. Barry Allen and Thawne have actually been caught up in rivalry via countless rematches and also rebirths of the Reverse-Flash– however in Season 8, he’s eliminated by his own disgust and ambition. In spite of his capability to cheat fatality, this moment it’s a permanent goodbye to the Reverse-Flash, and also one well was worthy of.

The personality had a good run, infamously resurfacing in the show to torment Barry time and again. When his ancestor Eddie Thawne heroically sacrificed himself to finish the presence of the Reverse-Flash, Thawne’s first death was at the end of Season 1. A Thawne time remnant resurfaced in Season 2, setting off a normal recurrence of the bad guy on the program– both as his original self (played by Matt Letscher) as well as his Harrison Wells identity. Throughout the years, Thawne has become The Flash’s most recognizable enemy and a staple of the series.

The Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne has actually appeared in some kind in every season of The Flash. Thawne was reanimated by Barry himself during “Flashpoint” (creating a version that would appear in Legends of Tomorrow and Season 8 of The Flash), became part of a crossover episode helping alternate-world Nazis as well as turned up in the future as the manipulative mentor of Nora Allen. He additionally appeared to Barry as an awareness and also a hallucination having Nash Wells, was resurrected once again to assist beat Godspeed, as well as finally went back to his unscrupulous ways by changing the timeline and becoming a pawn of the Negative Forces.

His last death– as he stopped working one last time to defeat Barry by basically overpowering himself to the point of devastation– brought to a close a period in The Flash. Both the retrieved guy from “Flashpoint” and the unrelenting bad guy perished forever. And also in the closing scenes of “Negative, Part Two,” audiences saw the tip of a new avatar for the Negative Speed Force, signaling that Eobard Thawne’s time on the series is truly over.

This is a good thing for the series, as the Arrowverse has a bad habit of bringing back dead personalities– specifically bad guys. Personalities like Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, Lex Luthor, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke and also Ricardo Diaz have all perished just to climb again in some manner. This boomerang effect not just decreases the original demise of the character, it develops a twisted mess of backstory as well as often reduces the personality’s influence.

That definitely was the case for Thawne. Not just was his convoluted history complicated and stressing integrity, his appearances commonly strike a recurring note– merely reopening Barry’s psychological wounds that were caused by Thawne killing his mother.

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