The oldest is 76 years old: the age of each participant in "The House of Famous 3"

The oldest is 76 years old: the age of each participant in “The House of Famous 3”

This edition promises to be very interesting, considering that personalities have diverse life experiences and there aretwo members of the public between the competitors.Also, the age range of the cast is known to be between 24 and 76 years old.

Do you want to know more about it? Next, we reveal how old the contestants of the new season of the Telemundo reality.

How Old Are The Participants Of “The House Of Famous 3″?

Patty Christmas

  • What is your birth date? May 20, 1973
  • How old is Paty Navidad? 49 years
  • Where was he born? Culiacan, Mexico

Paty Navidad has participated as a contestant in three other reality shows: “Big Brother” (2004), “Bailando por un sueno” (2005) and “MasterChef Celebrity Mexico” (2021).

Aylin Mujica

  • What is your birth date? November 24, 1973
  • How old is Aylin Mujica? 49 years
  • Where was he born? Havana Cuba

Aylin Mujica has worked in various soap operas such as “Marina” (2006), “Ninos ricoes, pobres padres” (2009), “Aurora” (2010), “Corazón valiente” (2012) and “Les miserables” (2014).

Arturo Carmona

  • What is your birth date? July 9, 1976
  • How old is Arturo Carmona? 46 years
  • Where was he born? Monterrey Mexico

Arturo Carmona began as a soccer player in the Lomas de Anahuac neighborhood in the Saltillo Soccer team, which was the affiliate of the Monterrey Soccer Club. His career as an athlete only lasted two years.

The Materialist

  • What is your birth date? March 19, 1987
  • How old is The Materialist? 35 years
  • Where was he born? Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

The artistic name of ‘La Materialista’ arose from a song by the group Alia_2, to which she belonged before going solo. In the lyrics, she referred to an interested woman who liked men with a lot of money, so she decided to take that nickname by which she is currently known in different countries.

Juan Rivera

  • What is your birth date? February 22, 1978
  • How old is Juan Rivera? 44 years
  • Where was he born? Long Beach, California, United States

Juan Rivera is one of the members of the families that lead regional Mexican music. The parents of the interpreter of “Paloma negra” are Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra, who met in a singing contest in 1958, in Hermosillo.

Osmel Sousa

  • What is your birth date? September 26, 1946
  • How old is Osmel Sousa? 76 years. He is the oldest participant in the competition.
  • Where was he born? rhodes, cuba

Osmel Sousa is known for having been the president of the Miss Venezuela Organization for more than three decades , where he was director of the Miss Venezuela Universe, Mister Venezuela World, Miss Venezuela World and Miss Venezuela International franchises, which he held from 1982 to February. 2018.

Nicole Chavez

  • What is your birth date? November 4, 1998
  • How old is Nicole Chavez? 24 years. She is one of the two youngest participants in the competition.
  • Where was he born? USA

Nicole Chavez is the youngest daughter of the Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez, considered the highest reference in boxing in the Aztec country, and Miriam Escobar.

Liliana Rodriguez

  • What is your birth date? April 26, 1967
  • How old is Liliana Rodriguez? 55 years
  • Where was he born? Caracas Venezuela

Liliana Rodriguez is a singer, actress, host and comedian. She is the daughter of Jose Luis Rodriguez ‘El Puma’ and the star Lila Morillo.

Madison Anderson

  • What is your birth date? November 10, 1995
  • How old is Madison Anderson? 27 years
  • Where was he born? Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Madison Anderson is a model, actress, influencer, and singer, best known for having been the first runner-up in Miss Universe 2019 representing Puerto Rico. If you want to know more about her

Dania Mendez

  • What is your birth date? February 6, 1992
  • How old is Dania Mendez? 30 years
  • Where was he born? Jalisco Mexico

Dania Mendez is an influencer who became known for participating in “Acapulco Shore”, season 6 and 7. To learn more about her

Osmariel Villalobos

  • What is your birth date? August 2, 1988
  • How old is Osmariel Villalobos? 34 years
  • Where was he born? Maracaibo Venezuela

Osmariel Villalobos is a model, presenter and businesswoman willing to sweep the competition with her charisma and emerge as a winner.

Group King

  • What is your birth date? May 1, 1987
  • How old is Rey Grupero? 35 years
  • Where was he born? Mexico City, Mexico

Rey Grupero is an influencer and youtuber, a lover of life who considers himself very sexy, a gentleman, educated and a hopeless romantic.

Aristeo Cazares

  • What is your birth date? August 11, 1995
  • How old is Aristeo Cazares? 27 years
  • Where was he born? Aristeo Cazares

Aristeo Cazares is an urban athlete who considers the city his playground. He has participated in two reality shows before.

Aleida Nunez

  • What is your birth date? January 24, 1981
  • How old is Aleida Nunez? 41 years
  • Where was he born? Lakes of Moreno, Mexico

Aleida Nunez is a Mexican actress, host and singer. She loves the art of physical and mental seduction. On the contrary, she does not like fleeting relationships.

Jonathan Islands

  • What is your birth date? November 15, 1979
  • How old is Jonathan Islas? 43 years
  • Where was he born? Mexico City, Mexico

Jonathan Islas is an actor. He participated in Telemundo soap operas such as “La fan”, “El rostro de venganza”, among others.

Jose Rodriguez

  • What is your birth date? May 13, 1996
  • How old is Jose Rodriguez? 26 years
  • Where was he born? Cali, Colombia

Jose Rodriguez is a dancer and model who works as an athlete, leads a healthy life and shares photos of his progress on his social networks. He has participated in “Acapulco Shore” before .

Pepe Gamez

  • What is your birth date? December 18, 1983
  • How old is Pepe Gamez? 39 years
  • Where was he born? Mante City, Mexico

Pepe Gamez is a Mexican actor who qualifies as very competitive. His philosophy of life is to listen and not try to make the same mistakes.

Monique Sanchez

  • How old is Monique Sanchez? 24 years. She is one of the two youngest participants in the competition.
  • Where was he born? Puerto Rico

Monique Sanchez sees  “The House of Famous 3”  as a different experience and a fun challenge for her, since it will allow her to know “how that chemistry would develop between participants and people I don’t know.”

Raul Garcia

  • How old is Raul Garcia? 36 years
  • Where was he born? Michoacan, Mexico

Raul Garcia is professionally dedicated to the art of orchids. With his participation in “The House of Famous 3” he wants to share his great love for nature.


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