"The promise": new schedule for Wednesday, January 18 at La 1

“The promise”: new schedule for Wednesday, January 18 at La 1

” La promesa ” has a great cast of actors, including Ana Garces, Maria Castro, Eva Martin, among others, who have shown great professionalism. Likewise, in this important series events dating from 1913 are developed .

Here the story of Jana is told, who seeks justice for her mother who was murdered 15 years ago. Her job is also to find her brother who was kidnapped when he was a newborn.

The series was released on January 12 with a double chapter, but since the 13th of this month it has been broadcast from 10:00 p.m. However, this Wednesday the 18th your schedule will have a change.

What Is The Schedule Of “La Promesa” On January 18?

As reported by the portal Watch TV, the schedule of the series ” The promise ” will have a change this Wednesday. In this sense, he explained that the fiction will be broadcast after the match between the teams Levante vs. Atletico Madrid.

  • The schedule of ” The promise“, on Wednesday, January 18 , is from 10:50m.

What Will Happen With The Evening Chapters?

The aforementioned medium also reported what will happen with the afternoon episodes through La 1 de TVE . In this sense, he assured that this ” will not affect the double chapter of the afternoon slot, which will continue to be broadcast . ”

It can be said that La 1 will broadcast episodes 7 and 8 on Wednesday afternoon, and episode 9 at night after the soccer game.

What Is “The Promise” About?

According to official Synopsis, the whole world is on the brink of the abyss in 1913, but there are havens of peace isolated from conflicts. Like the La Promesa Palace, in the Los Pedroches valley, owned by the Marquises of Lujan , one of the largest landowners in the country.

That day the Palace dresses up to celebrate the wedding of the heir, Tomas . Just finished the invitation, the appearance of an airplane attracts everyone’s attention. It is piloted by Manuel (Arturo Sancho) , son of the Marquises. Suddenly, the device loses altitude until it crashes. Manuel is about to be consumed by the flames; but someone manages to save him: Jana (Ana Garces) .

The Marquis offers her a financial reward, but she only wants a job in the Palace and has a clear motive: to do justice to her mother, murdered fifteen years ago, and to investigate the whereabouts of her brother, kidnapped when he was a newborn. And the only clue she has is related to the Marqueses of Lujan. The time has come to take revenge on her. There is only one element that she had not counted on: Manuel , son of the Marqueses… and the last person she would expect to fall in love with.

How To See “The Promise”?

The series “La promesa” can be seen in Spain through the La 1 signal , the first Spanish Television channel (TVE) . The program will also be available through the RTVE Play streaming platform , online and live.

Technical Sheet Of “The Promise”

  • Original Title: The Promise
  • Year: 2023
  • Country Spain
  • Original idea: Josep Cister Rubio
  • Executive Production Bamboo Productions: Josep Cister Rubio
  • RTVE Executive Producer: Borja Galvez
  • Producers: RamOn Campos and Teresa Fernandez-Valdes
  • Script coordinators: Susana Prieto, Ruth Garcia, Carmen Llano, Josep Cister Rubio
  • Screenwriters: Alberto Grondona, Alvaro Bermudez de Castro, Benjamin Zafra, Juanma Ruiz, Felix J. Velando, Moises GOmez, Miguel Bueno, Rafa Gallego.
  • Directors: Miguel Conde, Javier Pulido, Eva Bermudez, Alberto Pernet
  • Production Director: Alberto Baez
  • Direction Coordinator: Patricia Gonzalez
  • Casting: Eva Leira and Yolanda Serano
  • Original Music: Alex Conrado
  • Director of Photography: Gustavo Gala, Oscar Barrio
  • Art Director: Marcelo Pacheco

Who Are The Actors And Characters Of “La Promesa”?

“La promesa” is the Spanish series that seeks to capture the attention of the public at the beginning of 2023. What is the plot of “La promesa”? The story revolves around Jana, a young woman who goes to the palace of the same name from the series to avenge the death of her mother and find her brother who was missing.

Who Sings The Main Song Of “La Promesa”?

From days before the start of the TVE series, it was known that the singer Gonzalo Hermida was the interpreter of the song and not only that, since he has also been in charge of composing it, demonstrating his talent as a singer-songwriter.

The Spanish artist assured that it has been a nice gift to have started the year with the possibility of writing and singing the song “La promise”, so he feels very proud

Where Was “The Promise” Recorded?

The recordings of the popular Spanish series began in September of last year and take place in the “Palacio El RincOn”, a building from the end of the 19th century located in Aldea del Fresno and on the El Jaral de la Mira estate (Madrid).

For the filming, the production considered two sets of 3,000 m2, in which a spectacular recreation of the ‘La Promesa’ Palace and the period in which the fiction is set stands out.

Trailer Of “The Promise”


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