The surprising reaction of Antonio de la Rua to the new song by Shakira and Bizarrap

The surprising reaction of Antonio de la Rua to the new song by Shakira and Bizarrap

At family or friends gatherings, at work, on the street and even on social networks, the main topic of conversation is the song of the South American and the relationship she had with the ex-soccer player.Barcelona, which ended last year amid rumors of infidelity and other points that were discussed at that time.

That is why everything related to the artist and her new hit is of worldwide interest, especially if it serves to raise the controversy much more. At the time, there was already talk about the hints that are heard in the song, theGerard Pique’s reactionsand ofClara Chia Marti, but there is one more character that has attracted attention and it is Antonio de la Rúa.

And it is that the Argentine has also reacted to the musical theme of the Colombian in a way that has gone around the world, since he would be implying that he supports Shakira. It is certain that?

Antonio De La Rúa’s Reaction To Shakira’s Song

For those who do not remember or were very young at the time, Antonio de la Rúa is an Argentine businessman who is the son of a former president of his country. That’s not all, since he was Shakira’s manager for many years and, at the same time, was her boyfriend, this being the last relationship he had before being with Piqué.

That he has now made himself publicly present with something that has to do with Shakira is more than striking, so it is normal that now we are going to verify what the businessman did.

Turns out, prior to the song’s release,the artist “colocha” and Bizarrap made a joint publication on their Instagram accountsto announce what would be the premiere of his video clip, having millions of reactions from millions of users of this social network and one of them was from Antonio de la Rúa.

The ex-boyfriend who had a 10-year relationship with the Colombian was one of the people who liked the photograph in the ad, implying that he likes what the artist did or that he supports her in these difficult moments that she has been experiencing. since the end of their relationship with the ex-soccer player of FC Barcelona became official.

Shakira And Bizarrap

Watch the video clip of the song of the moment in the voice of Shakira and the production of Bizarrap.

What Was Clara Chia Marti’s Reaction To The “Bzrp Music Session #53″?

According to the journalist Salva Garcia , Clara Chia Marti  has ​​a public profile on  Instagram . From there, on Wednesday, January 11, 2023, the young woman would have been making various publications that many attribute as a reaction to the release of Shakira’s   ”  BZRP Music Session #53″ .

The first of the  stories  that was spread from the account was an emoji, that  of a tired face . For some users, this is a hint at the launch of the Colombian. Through this figure,  Clara  would insinuate that her composition and its release “made her  sleepy” .

Who Is The Other Man Who Betrayed Shakira’s Trust?

According to the Univisión program “Despierta América”, Shakira suffered the betrayal of a man who was part of her close circle. It is not about Gerard Piqué, but about her trusted chef.

“This is the person who betrayed Shakira ,” announced the North American network program, and later stated that Shakira was  “betrayed once again .  ”


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