The title is coffee… Now this is also coffee… Is it fair Bharti?

Tamil Serial Rating Bharathi Kannamma: Did you suddenly put up a picture in Chennai one day and show the title?

Bharathi Kannamma is one of the important serials of Vijay TV. Although it is a love story as the name implies, now the track is changing and traveling in a different direction. The serial which was in the formula of Husband Wife Suspicion Friend Betrayal is now coming up with scenes related to Heart Operation irrelevant.

Bharathi, who was separated from Kannamma due to a tip-off made by Venpaa, is now the Chief Doctor at his native hospital. Kannamma is the Admin Officer there. But what’s the point. Two more are rats and cats. One consolation in this is that Bharati has now said that he cannot marry Venpaa.

Thus began the foil of seeing the groom to his mother Wenba. But Venpaa does not give a damn. In such a situation, Bharti tries to have a heart operation on the daughter of a couple who comes to Bharti’s doctor. They have been driving for the past one week with this china that has little to do with the story.

Even today, fans are confused as to whether Venpaa, who was the main villain of the Vai story today, is now in the story. I have been asked if you are dragging the story without making any effort to reveal the truth but the director is wandering around tying the knot that I will not finish the serial now.

Bharathi Kannamma has also seen a decline in DRP ratings as expectations for the serial have started declining. However, the serial team is adamant that Bharathi is unlikely to know the truth about Kannamma for now. That’s why they’re doing all this in the confusion of what Sean might put next.

And many of the fans who watch this promo are asking if we will be there when this serial ends. While there has been no response to fan feedback or their criticism, serial viewers continue to hit the critics.

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