Things to Avoid When Writing a Cover Letter

Things to Avoid When Writing a Cover Letter

While your cover letter boosts up your CV and makes you shine, it can prove to be equally damaging to your career if you do not avoid a few things. Are you making silly mistakes that are holding you back from writing a good cover letter? Read this article to find out. 

This article discusses things you should be strictly avoiding while writing your cover letter. 

#1. Not greeting properly

The use of a general greeting might project the idea that you are lazy and used a generic cover letter template, without trying to get into any of the specifics.

It is only right to address your letter ‘Dear sir/Madam,’ if you have exhausted all the alternatives you need while searching for a name contact. ” 

  • When drafting your cover letter, always attempt to find a named contact.
  • Do not forget to do your research as this will be a plus point for you and impress your employer. 

#2. Sounding over-friendly 

While a cover letter should provide an insight to a recruiter into who you are as a person, it is a major no-no to be excessively friendly and informal. Do not write about your personal life and avoid sarcasm, which do not translate well on paper. For instance, your extremely lucky interview trousers or how you need the job due to the financial difficulties cannot be mentioned.

  • You have to be courteous and professional – it is a danger to deviate from this.
  • Do not attempt to sound too eager. It is vital that you are enthusiastic about the position and your cover letter is the best way to express it, but do not go overboard.
  • Do not plead for the job. Your cover letter should seem sincere, and employers can discover insincerity from a mile away.

#3. Only seeing your benefit from the company

This cover letter error will destroy your request before it even starts. It is kind of clear why you want to get a job as regards what you may benefit through the organisation – companies are already aware of what they can provide.

You might create the impression that you are not a team player by making a cover letter all about yourself. When applying for a new job, the employers realise that you are working but want to know how you will contribute to the progress of their organisation.

You must utilise your cover letter as a chance to clarify how the organisation can benefit from your talent, expertise, and prior experience.

#4. Not sounding too confident

Nobody loves to sound like they are bragging but you need to make sure you do not sell yourself short. If you do not sound like you have it in you, they will not put their faith in you. 

Do not be scared to emphasise your achievements and do not hesitate to assert that you can do specific tasks. However, between trust and cockiness, a narrow line exists so be sure you are on the right side.

  • Ask someone you do not personally know, such as a career consultant, to read your letter and guide you. 
  • Avoid phrases like ‘I’m eager to learn while I have no expertise in (particular competencies).’ Rather, replace it with something like ‘my expertise in my previous job gave me numerous talents…’.

#5. Telling your life story 

In your cover letter, it is easy to overshare, but do not fall into the trap. You must be brief and careful with cover letters. Only one side of A4 should take up a standard cover letter. 

Recruiters need not know what advice your English teacher provided you 7 years ago or how you reached where you are today, step by step. Keep it on point and avoid deviating. 

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