This is what we know in advance ஏன் Why are you giving it this buildup ..

Tamil Serial Baakiyalakshmi Rating Update: Anyway, Bhagya’s mother knows that she’s going to win.

It was said at that time that Katiya’s husband was the deity who saw the eye. This is the period when you should not blindly trust your husband. The best example of this is the Bhagyalakshmi serial. Unbeknownst to Kobe’s wife, who is dating ex – girlfriend Radhika, he has gone to the point of marrying her.

Unbeknownst to her, Radhika believes everything Gopi says without even a drop of doubt. Bhagya has been living her life relying on Gopi blindly to the extent of not knowing why she is going to Family Welfare Court.

In the meanwhile, in response to the meal given to the ashram, Bhagya went to the court and came back. He claims to be cooking 100 in an hour to get rid of the stigma attached to him. A promo has been released in this regard.

In which Bhagya finally won. But it’s half an hour in between. Radhika says it’s not even half over yet.

Knowing that Bhagya will win anyway as the heroine is the reason why you are pulling the trigger to come up with a talk on everything like this in order to create a stir in the meantime. This recipe Chinese Vanche will pass this week.

But no matter what efforts Bhagya made in this series, Bhagya never thought that Kobe, who is on the verge of putting a stop to it, would have just told him how to fix the cooking job. If so, when would this serial have ended?

Similarly, Bhagya is an equal child among the fans who support any effort without denying it. But the eldest son is the selfishness that I see in my work to go to someone rich somehow. On the other hand, Bhagya’s female worst character who gives an idea to her father to change her mother.

Not sure where this could go. Finish this serial as soon as possible. If not here’s a new product just for you!

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