Top 5 Hollywood Movies Based on the Lottery Theme – House of horrors

Top 5 Hollywood Movies Based on the Lottery Theme – House of horrors

Hollywood Movies Based on the Lottery Theme
Hollywood Movies Based on the Lottery Theme

You might have come across many Hollywood movies that compliments your taste in specific genres. Be it action, thriller, suspense, romance or comedy, etc. But these genres only attract you within a limited time. They might fade away from your mind within a couple of days as they work into making your heavy mood lighter but not completely engage with the inner complexity you are going through. With such consideration, you need to filter out your core interest and opt for the movie that truly compliments your nature and showers your mind with harmony. There might be a pool of movies that we could suggest to you but not with the consideration discussed above. It contains a handsome amount of cliches, irrelevancy or an inappropriate glimpse of bloodshed that could blow your mind and make you perplexed to understand the synopsis. 

Among a pool of genres, money-oriented films are more likely to float on the surface to gain the maximum likeness among the audience, and adding a meaningful purpose within it would give it more charm and glitter. Similar to such a consideration, we have filtered out a few potential money-oriented movies that would make you fall off the couch or simply lead you to biting the nails. But Moreover, a majority class of the audience consider the money movie to be evolving around minimal action, bloodshed, or a heist. Still, to your interest, our list won’t be that horrifying, although it carries a pinch of humour, street smartness, and teamwork unity that make the content more interesting. So for an overview, let’s walk through the movies that involve money, jackpot, and lottery winning as the essence and have driven the audience into giving sufficient captivation. 

Lucky Numbers (2000)

Lucky Numbers was another movie that includes scamming lottery tickets by the Television Weatherman Russ and Ditzy Model Crystal. Russ is at the urge of losing his fame and snowmobile dealership that is caused due to the unexpected weather. The fear of losing his popularity among his viewers leads him to drown himself into debt through an insurance scam suggested by Gig, who further offers Russ of scamming a Pennsylvania Lottery to overcome the situation with the help of Crystal, who draws the chit and announces the winning numbers on a TV show. The scam is set by the four Russ, Crystal, Gig, and Walter. Which further drives them into more complex situations. 

Lady From Louisiana (1941)

 A classical Love story that was highly influenced by the lottery was made back in 1941. A lawyer John Reynolds who her Aunt Blanche expected to be an advocating figure for her anti-lottery movement was romantically involved with Julie, daughter to the owner of Louisiana State Lottery Company. Unaware of the historical rivalry between her Aunt and General Mirbeau has led the situation against the love birds and Reynolds leading her Aunt’s mission of anti-lottery doing more damage to Mirbeau. 

Finder’s Fee 

Finder fee was regarded as the most important movie that revolves around the Lottery theme portraying Tepper as the dumbest character for dodging his fate twice, Once when he found a wallet passing by the street and contacting the owner of the wallet. While others post the lottery ticket for an even bigger advantage. The story was based on dark humour, but it was a compilation of collective emotions observed by the audience analysed by the reviews. Later the movie was observed to gain numerous awards and appreciation, not much to what is expected as the majority audience expected the film to take place in several locations in different time zones. Instead, it was bound to a single room of a condo and a single evening.

Waking Ned Devine. 

Waking Ned was not only the comic film that made you burst into laughter but also a philosophical film that was regarded to hit the question on the economic crisis of the Irish government and their imbalance in the Celtic Tiger movement. The movie revolves around winning the lottery that compelled the villagers to make a forgery and avail themselves of the uninvited opportunity to make their lives better. Waking Ned Devine was the concept of portraying Late Ned as alive, and Micheal being his imposter, would look into all legal affairs to have hands-on the $ 7 million. 

Lucky (2011)

If you are planning to watch a Lottery themed movie with a touch of suspense and thriller Than Lucky would be an excellent suggestion for you. The story revolves around Lucy, A blonde office girl, and her fake romantic feelings towards The millionaire Ben. Unfortunately, she is also a psychopath serial killer obsessed with Lucy from his teens and couldn’t resist any blonde girl that resembles her. Ben tried hard to draw Lucy’s attention but failed until he won a lottery ticket of $36 million and glittered her eyes with the lust of money. The story unfolds after their marriage when they run out of money, triggering Lucy against Ben, Making him furious, and killing Alice, the maid. 

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