Wandinha removed Jenna Ortega from the 4th season of YOU

Wandinha removed Jenna Ortega from the 4th season of YOU

Jenna Ortega is among Netflix’s newest darlingsand her service Wandinha made her stop taking part in one more production. The actress might have gone back to the cast of YOU (YOU, in English) for the 4th season of the collection.

YOU showrunner Sera Gamble told IndieWire that the series group intended to bring the personality of Ortega (Ellie Alves) back right into the story. Nevertheless, they have not been successful so far.

” We wanted to bring Ellie back as well as we heard, ‘Oh, Jenna is doing an additional show.’ It was an enjoyment to come with Jenna this year. We have concepts for Ellie if her routine enables her to go to again.”

Ellie first showed up in Season 2 of YOU and also was pointed out in later phases. Within this cosmos, she is one of the few “relied on pals” of Joe Goldberg, who interacts with the lady as well as even sends her some cash.

Jenna Ortega currently commented to Teenager Style that she want to see her character return, yet luckily for the public, she has a quite busy timetable for the time ahead. The actress will certainly soon be in movie theaters with the slasher film Panico 6, in addition to being involved in the verified second season of Wandinha as well as other jobs.

Panico 6 premieres in theaters on March 9, while Part 2 of Wandinha still has no release day disclosed.

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