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What If Season 1 Episode 7 Hindi English 480p 720p Download On 123movies Tamilrockers | BlueBoy News



What If Season 1 Episode 7 Hindi English 480p 720p Download On 123movies Tamilrockers | BlueBoy News

What If Season 1 Episode 7 Story Review

Marvel animated series What If Episode 7 now hit online on Disney Plus Hotstar. This time MCU wants to show us a totally different story about thor. Marvel original timeline Thor is the most powerful character & he is the God of Thunder & his family issue is always surprise everyone in MCU. Thor always wants to protect people from danger & he always ready to sacrifice himself for the people he loves.

  • Watch What If Episode 7 On Disney Plus Hotstar
  • Download What If Episode 7 On Disney Plus Hotstar

But in this timeline, Thor’s story will be different where his small change in timeline creates a whole new universe. In this What if episode, 7 Thor introduces himself as the party thor where he is still the god of thunder & he also has his hammer. He is totally a different person from the MCU. But thing changer when doctor stranger joins Thor fight a powerful villain where thor realize that his madness failed him. Now the rest of the universe pays for that & this is all in What if episode 7. Watch Marvel What If Episode 7 Online on Disney Plus Hotstar available in English Hindi language.

Marvel What If Season 1 Episode 7 Leaked For Download On The123movies Tamilrockers

The 7th episode of the What If series is now available on pirated sites. Pirated The123moveis Tamilrockers 9xmovies leaked What If season 1 episode 7 online for download. What If episode 7 Hindi Watch & download on Tamilrockers. What If episode 7 Download 480p 720p on 9xmoveis. Recently What If season 1 episode 7 Hindi Download 480p 720p on Filmywap Filmyzilla site founded. People Watch What If episode 7 online on The123movies in full HD. The series is officially available on Disney plus & Hotstar. So only watch the latest episode of What If season 1 episode 7 on Disney plus Hotstar.

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How profitable is the insurance business?



How profitable is the insurance business?

As an entrepreneur, it is always good to dig deep about the industry where you’re going to plant the seeds of your business. It is an important task to understand how profitable the business is, how much time it takes for a business to grow in that industry and what are the long-term returns of that business. 

The insurance industry is one such industry where it is very unpredictable whether your business is going to be profitable or not. It depends on several factors, and therefore it takes time to study the outcome of such businesses. The profitability of companies who deal with insurance depends on the premiums they charge, rate of return on investment, operating costs and their payables. 

Together with ZeCoverage we try to understand how profitable or what are the standard profit margins of the insurance sector. 

What is the business model of an insurance company?

The basic business model of an insurance company is an agreement between two parties, i.e., the insurer (company) and the persons who are insured (customer). In this agreement, the insurance company assumes and diversifies the risks of the customer. In simple terms, the insurance company earns by charging premiums from the customers for its risk-bearing services. Another way in which insurance companies earn is by reinvesting the premiums charged from the insurance coverage into other assets which generate interests.

However, revenue models may vary among different insurance companies such as health insurance companies, financial guarantors, property insurance companies, automobile insurance companies, etc. The initial task for you, as an insurer of any kind, would be to put a price for the risk and charge an amount for assuming the risk. This amount is called the premium. For example, if you’re going to offer a conditional payout of $200,000, you need to assess how likely the risk of the asset can trigger the insurance buyer to buy the policy. Based on the length of the policy, you can extend that risk. 

Effective pricing of risks is very important for a successful insurance business and for bringing in more revenue. If not, the insurance company will end up paying more conditional payouts than earning more revenue. What’s also equally important is the insurer’s payment of claims. When a customer files for the insurance claim, the insurer needs to check it for accuracy, process it and then submit the payment. This minimizes the risks of loss to the insurer and avoids fraudulent claims.

Is the insurance business profitable?

Every business runs because it makes at least a minimum amount of profit. Otherwise, no business would run with just losses. Likewise, insurance companies make profits too. According to some stats, these are some of the net profit margins of various insurance companies as of the 2021 Q2. 

  • Life insurance companies made a 4.1% Net Profit Margin (NPM) for the last 12 consecutive months. 
  • On the other hand, casualty and property insurance companies raised 23.26% NPM.
  • Insurance brokers had an 8.7% NPM. 
  • Additionally, accident and health insurance companies made a profit margin of 5.53% in their last 12 consecutive months.

Regardless of how big the company is, a high profit margin depends on how well the insurance company is being run. Starting from managing the costs and risk models to managing marketing and sales, insurance companies have to ensure all types of costs. This is because the profitability is largely affected by what kind of costs the company incurs and as you would already know, such operating costs are typical for all kinds of companies.

Expenses incurred by insurers

Every business has a set of expenses that it needs to spend on. An insurance company’s product is the conditional payout which is also its highest operating cost. The firms incur these costs and sell their policies with additional marketing and selling costs. What’s important for insurers is that they find a profitable balance between their functional costs and the prices which the insurance market can bear. As an insurer, you need to make your price competitive to retain existing customers and attract more risk bearers. 

Expenses for a health insurance company would mean paying the hospitals or doctors. And in the case of automobile insurance, expenses for the insurer would be paying for the damages of the automobile. 

How much profits do insurers make?

The calculation of net profit margins for insurance business owners is very important because, typically, the margins are very low. Many insurance firms operate on margin values as low as 2-3%. Aegon (AEG), a Dutch life insurance company, runs on the lowest net profit margin, 0%, in the insurance industry. As of June 30, 2021, Aegon has a 0.52% return on assets and 9.07% return on equity. 

On the other hand, there’s a bunch of other insurance companies that make bigger margins. One such company is Chubb, which has the highest net profit margin of 20.42%. Whereas, one of the largest life insurance companies in the industry called China Life, has a net profit margin of only 7.73%. 

What is a good net profit margin for insurers?

There is considerably no number that can be deemed a good profit margin for an insurance company. Every sector functions differently, and every company works with different sizes of equity and assets. An airline industry’s net profit margin is entirely different from a textile industry’s profit margin. Likewise, the insurance industry’s profits vary differently. The companies which have been in the business for a long period of time and spread their business globally might sometimes do well in terms of profits, but this isn’t guaranteed. 

Final Words

With this, hopefully, it is now simple to understand how insurance companies make money. They sell policies and underwrite charges for those by collecting premiums. While these premiums act as their source of return, they may not be enough for survival. Hence, businesses in the insurance industry invest these premiums into interest generating assets to make more money. How much profit the firm makes depends entirely on how well the company is able to run its business.

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The Big 5 Of The Cinema Industry



The Big 5 Of The Cinema Industry

Movies, where would we be without them? Where would we gain our understanding of the world and life for that matter without the input of what we see on the big screen? The cinema industry is one of the most powerful and influential industries in the world. This success comes from a long history and popularity of films that has led to an increase in ticket sales, as well as other revenue streams such as product placement. Even with its recent decline due to streaming services like Netflix, it’s still a multi-billion dollar industry that keeps on growing. The fact of the matter is that despite the rise of the streaming giants and the major push-back caused by the global health crises, the cinema remains something that people gravitate towards. The darkness of the theatre provides escapism, as does the film itself. In terms of couples and dating, few things can beat going to the cinema. Everyone is politely asked to switch off or at least place their smartphones on silence, thus creating an atmosphere of total immersion. With all this in mind, let us now look at who the big players are in the world of cinema.


Let’s start with the most obvious one of the lot, Hollywood. Hollywood has made a lasting impact on our society with its audience-grabbing box office hits. It is the 4th most popular form of entertainment in the United States with over $10 billion per year in movie tickets sold, and it continues to grow annually. Hollywood has always been a powerful force in the psyche of the American people and the world at large. It has shaped and moulded our culture and values through its portrayal of heroes, villains, and love interests. Hollywood is known for creating larger than life characters that we tend to emulate in real life. These heroes often start off on screen as tragic figures who overcome great challenges with hard work and perseverance.


Bollywood has grown beyond just being a source of entertainment. It is now an industry that influences fashion, music, dance and even foreign policy in India. If one were to go purely by volume, then Bollywood trumps Hollywood. There are more than 1000 films released every year with an audience of about 1 billion people. Hollywood on the other hand manages an average of 500 to 800 movies a year. 

The United Kingdom

The UK’s film industry is one of the most important in Europe and the second largest within the European Union. It contributed £4.3 billion to the UK economy in 2015, employs over 116,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff and supports some 40,000 businesses across all regions of the UK. The Brits have also given the world some of cinema’s finest films. Outside of nurturing some of the best early talents, the likes of David Lean, the UK has served as a location for some the biggest grossing films made in the history of film. The James Bond franchise has always been primarily shot at Pinewood Studios. George Lucas’ original 1977 Star Wars was shot in the UK, as was 1978’s Superman The Move, and Tim Burton’s 1989’s Batman. The UK’s talent pool is extensive to say the least, which is why there are so many share owners in UK production companies.

Cinema of China

The Chinese film industry is a global powerhouse, but many people don’t know much about it. China is the world’s second largest film market, after the U.S., and has been growing at a rate of around 20% annually for over a decade. The Chinese box office hit RMB 45 billion in 2015, and was worth $6.78 billion in the same year.

Cinema of Japan

The film industry is no stranger to Japan, and in fact it has been a driving force in the country’s economy for decades. Japanese cinema has truly inspired the world. In the early 90s their animated movies introduced Western audiences to adult themes when they least expected it, creating what is now a global thirst for Japanese anime.  To date, the Japanese film industry is the 4th largest in the world.

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Understand How Using Return on Investment Calculator Can Optimize Your Investment Choices



Understand How Using Return on Investment Calculator Can Optimize Your Investment Choices

The pandemic has highlighted the uncertainty and volatility existing in our lives, making us realise the need for financial security. The adverse circumstance has made people recognize the importance of investing in some necessary investment plans like health insurance, life insurance, mutual funds, or other financial resources. Everyone requires adequate funds at various points in their lives but would not necessarily know where to begin financial planning for it.

Investment plans are an effective way to create sizeable funds with proper financial and investment planning. Most people want do not have a balanced profile of insurance and investment in their life since they feel it can become complicated to handle. However, there is an alternative, thankfully. The Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is the product offering a mix of investment as well as insurance. Using the ULIP investment calculator, you can determine the amount expected at the time of maturity after investing a certain sum for a particular tenure.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Unique Terms To Understand Before Considering An Investment Plan

  1. Pay-Out Term

The pay-out term or policy term is the amount of time for which your insurance or investment plan will remain active. The individual will receive the pay-out from the insurance company only after the policy’s term or maturity.

2. Rider

A rider is the provision of an insurance policy that allows the policyholder to add benefits or make amends to the terms and conditions of a standard insurance plan. The insured member can receive additional coverage options that may not usually get covered in the regular insurance plans.

3. Premium Rates

The premium rate or amount is the total price of an insurance policy paid by the policyholder to the insurance company to cover all their risks. The ULIP calculator can quickly estimate the actual premium amount of any investment or insurance plan and help you buy the best one by comparing various investment plans.

4. Returns

Returns are usually referred to as profits in an investment plan. A financial return is money that is made with an investment over a period. 

5. Coverage Amount

The coverage amount is the money payable to the policyholder in the event of a claim or other benefits. The individual should choose the coverage amount in such a way that it benefits their entire family and also comes well within his limited budget.

How To Use Return On Investment Calculator To Optimize Your Investment Choice?

It is always necessary to conduct comprehensive research before investing in any investment plans. Since there are multiple plans available in the market, it is practically impossible to compare each investment plan with the other and choose the best one. 

People generally purchase investment plans for income tax benefits and other financial advantages associated with them. The ULIP calculator or any other return on investment calculator will ask the user to fill in the following details to give the best investment plan at the current market trend.

  • Initial investment or Principal
  • Payment methods (quarterly, monthly, or yearly)
  • Expected annual growth rate desired
  • Investment period (how many years the person can invest)

Image Source: Shutterstock

Entering all the above details and clicking the calculate or submit button will give you the amount you will have at the end of the investment term and also the interest earned over the years of your contribution. So, use a ULIP calculator to find the best ULIP plan to receive the mix of both insurance and investment benefits under one plan. In this way, anyone can choose the best plan meeting their requirements, needs, and budget. 

Benefits Of Using Investment Calculators:

  • The ULIP calculators or any other return on investment calculator will help people plan their life goals better and receive maximum returns.
  • The ULIP calculator permits users to change the calculator’s variables according to their needs to get their desired output.
  • It can provide users clarity on the different investment plans available and make an informed decision on choosing the right one.
  • Investment calculators are free of charge, and every user can plan their secured future by investing in promising investment plans.

Investment calculators are a simple tool available on the internet which can be accessed if you have a simple smartphone. ULIP calculators or other investment calculators give the user a platform to compare various investment plans, which helps them identify the best plan meeting their needs and requirements. Use a ULIP calculator to understand the basic idea behind it.

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