Who was and what did Misden Elizondo die of?

Throughout her extensive career, the Mexican celeb managed to be on two well-known national networks, starting with Televisa Monterrey and later on Multimedios , where she shared fitness tips and training routines.

Who Was Misden Elizondo?

In accordance withtheir official website, Misden is a Fitour Master Trainer with more than 25 years of experience in physical activities and with a large number of certifications and international studies in muscular and aerobic training techniques.

The presenter began her fitness career in the 1980s with a small gym and joining Televisa Monterrey, the television station’s division for Nuevo León, where she gained great popularity among viewers thanks to her charisma and energy.

With various trainings in the United States and Europe, Misden has been a promoter of her own exercise program, including promoting Fitvibe , a vibration platform that would develop muscular systems.

In addition to her work as a fitness instructor, Misden also began a short career as a public accountant in Nuevo León.

What Did Misden Elizondo Died Of?

After passing through Televisa, Elizondo jumped to Multimedios , where he had an exercise segment called ” Workout with rhythm “, to which he even shared an invitation on his social networks.

Until now, the causes of the death of Misden Elizondo are a mystery, since both the chain in which he broadcast his program and his relatives have remained hermetic after his departure.

Family Of Misden Elizondo Announces Mass For The Driver

On the presenter’s Instagram account, the family announced a Mass of Ashes in honor of Misden Elizondo who was alive. ” To all the community and followers, we thank you very much for your support and solidarity in these difficult moments ,” she reads in the publication.

With this, the family confirmed that they made the decision to cremate the body of the deceased coach.

Colleagues Say Fire To Misden Elizondo

On his Twitter account, Eduardo Alvarado, host of the “Reportajes de Alvarado” program, was the first to share the tragic news, saying goodbye to his partner on screens.

” A very sporty girl who through her comments motivated to exercise to have a healthy life (…) Our sincere condolences to her family, rest in peace, Misden Elizondo ,” she revealed.

What Did The Fighter Sara Lee Died Of?

Sara Lee’s family has only issued the statement announcing the death of the fighter, so the causes of her death are unknown at the moment. However, in several American media they have reported that the cause of her departure could be linked to the last photo that the fighter posted on October 5 of her in her instagram account, where he had 106 thousand followers.


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