Why did Gandalf help find Thorin in The Hobbit?
Why did Gandalf help find Thorin in The Hobbit?

Why did Gandalf help find Thorin in The Hobbit?

During The Hobbit, Gandalf is definitely the stand-out member of Thorin’s firm, and even encouraged the experience. What was his real motive?

A lot so, that only 13 Dwarves went on the pursuit to Erebor, along with Bilbo Baggins as well as Gandalf. While Thorin Oakenshield led the cost, it was actually Gandalf who urged the adventure, and he certainly stood out among the others.

Each wizard was sent out to protect the world from Sauron, and also for thousands of years leading up to The Lord of the Rings, that’s specifically what Gandalf did. With this in mind, it provides a tip in the direction of what Gandalf was actually doing with Thorin’s team.

When Tolkien created The Hobbit, much of the tradition from The Lord of the Rings was unidentified, as well as he had not also prepared for them to share the very same globe. Therefore, the original reason for Gandalf’s participation was simply that he was a happy old wizard that wished to assist. However after that, the book Unfinished Tales of Numenor as well as Middle-earth was released. Within this, some additional scenes missing out on from The Hobbit are included, one of which explains Gandalf’s true intents.

During a conversation between Gandalf and Thorin, the wizard says, “Far away from here, I wonder if you fully realize the strength of a terrific dragon. That is not all: there is a Shadow expanding quickly in the world far more terrible. They will help one another.” And so, with Sauron’s ever-growing power, Gandalf was stressed he would reach Smaug first as well as cut a deal so that they would collaborate. He knew if Sauron was able to get a dragon on his side, the coming battle would certainly be lost much more promptly.

Gandalf also explains, “To stand up to any pressure that Sauron could send out to restore the north passes in the hills and also the old lands in Angmar, there were only the Dwarves of the Iron Hills.” So to put it simply, Gandalf knew that as soon as Sauron’s invasion started, northern Middle-earth would not be solid sufficient to safeguard itself. Suggesting the Lonely Mountain required to be equipped with Dwarves to assist battle the battle.

Also during The Hobbit’s mission, Gandalf had to leave in the past getting to Erebor. It’s later revealed that he had to deal with a “Necromancer” in an old fortress, which ultimately became Sauron. So while Gandalf did intend to aid the Dwarves recover their house, the actual motive was constantly to counter Sauron. And also ultimately it repaid, as during The Lord of the Rings, the massive Easterling militaries were locked in a standoff versus Erebor, and fell short to take the Dwarven kingdom.

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