Will it even come out in ‘Coffee with Karan’?

Bollywood director-producer Karan Johar is producing crazy films and is hosting a talk show titled `Coffee with Karan` in his own style while standing tall for our Telugu films in Bollywood. The talk show, which has been running with celebrities for some time now, has successfully completed 6 seasons. However, Karan Johar recently announced that it will be the 7th season and shocked the fans. Soon after that, within hours, it was reported that it was being streamed on OTT rather than on television.

This 7th season is going to be streaming on Disney Plus Hot Star. However, it seems that the southern stars are going to appear mainly in this 7th season. The news that all the crazy stars from Prabhas to Nayantara from the South will be appearing this season has gone viral. We are going to do an episode with Prabhas and Allu Arjun, who grew up to be the first Pan India Stars from the South. Apart from that, Karan also wants to introduce the friendship between the two to their fans.

It is learned that Young Tiger, who has become a Pan India star with ‘Triple R’, is also planning a special episode with NTR mega power star Ram Charan. The two had a good friendship even before Triple R. After the movie it got even stronger. In addition to those things, we are going to bring out more surprising items that are not known to the fans. It is said that Karan is going to invite Samantha Rashmi Mandannala as the third couple after them.

After that Vignesh Sivan and Nayantara were invited. It is known that the couple is getting ready for marriage soon. Vignesh Sivan and Nayantara, who recently got engaged, are now curious to know what is new in the Karan show. If so, it is known that Samantha Pan India has gained popularity all over the world with `Family Man 2“ Oo Antawa Mawa Uhoo Antawa..`.

Rashmi joins Pan India list of stars with ‘Pushpa’ Karan Johar is inviting the two to his show together. Samantha is also reported to be interested in participating in this talk show. Does Divorce With Chai Reveal Anything? What are the future plans? .. to be alone? .. Have a wedding idea again? It sounds fresh that things like that are unlikely to come up for discussion. Does all this stuff come up for discussion as everyone thinks? Or will Sam escape talking about his career as usual? If you want to know that, you have to wait until the Karan show is streaming.

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