Zee Tamil ‘Tavamayi Tavamirundu’ What is so special about this serial?

Zee Tamil Thavamai Thavamirunthu Serial Update: TV serials have become a huge entertainment feature among iconic fans. Televisions that understand the taste of the people are also launching new serials from time to time. Depending on the DRP rating of the serial, screenwriting is usually done.

And when it comes to a new serial it is essential to use a tactic of something that can easily reach people’s minds. Accordingly the same tactic used by all televisions at the beginning of the serial was in the title. The serialization of the titles of hit films in Tamil has been going on for a long time.

Because those films have had some kind of impact on the minds of the people, an expectation that people did not expect when they put the serial on the same title falls on this serial. Thus the serial start will be set correctly but after that the serial can be hit only by the vibrant screenplay.

In that sense, the serial that is being aired on Jeethamil using the cinematic title is repentant. The serial, which is based on the life of a retired couple, has been airing on Jeethamil’s prime time since last week.

Markandeyan and Sita, a couple in their 50s, are the main characters in this serial. Markandeyan works as an assistant manager in a private company. There are many fathers in our families who do not talk much with their children. Dads are left alone, especially as their children grow older. Even to the extent that mothers’ problems, difficulties, and pain are known, children do not see the labor and pain of fathers.

Markandeyan, the protagonist of this story, is a man who loves his wife and children only as a world, even though he does not show love, while helping his friends immediately when there is a problem. Markandeyan’s wife Sita. Women are the foundation, the nail, the bridge between Tamil families. It is the image of moms who deal with everyone in the house in their own way and do what they can to keep the unity and peace of the family intact.

Markandeyan – The sequel to ‘Tavamayi Tavamirunthu’ is intertwined with the realistic events that take place next due to the behavior of the children inside Sita’s house. How is the Sita-Markandeyan family going to face the challenges that time and this community continue to give them every day?


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